How do I choose what to study?

You can review the range of modules and programmes available through the web site. If you are not sure what might be most relevant then you can use the tools on the web site to help you make some choices or alternatively call the course information line at 01463 279000 or email us at management.school@uhi.ac.uk.

How do I get started?

Once you have identified the learning opportunity that is best for you then email or call us and we will help you get started. You can call us at 01463 279000 or email at management.school@uhi.ac.uk

When is my course running?

The web site contains up-to-date information on when we expect modules and programmes to be running. Once you have signed up if there are any changes to those dates then we will of course let you know. Prior to the start date we will be in touch to remind you and let you know what you need to do.

How many hours will I need to study?

That will very much depend on what you select to do.

Mostly we offer learning through modules, they will run over a period of between 12 and 15 weeks and they will need a fairly regular time commitment. As with anything of value the more time you can spend the better for you. Our modules are in the main delivered through technology so you have a lot of flexibility about when you study and you can of course choose different patterns over different weeks.

We also have some short courses or workshops running. These you would attend either in person or virtually depending on the session. That would be your only time commitment, though we would hope and encourage you to reflect on the session and decide what you are going to do now as a result of your learning.

You may of course want to sign up to a full programme. We tend to deliver one module at a time so the time commitment would be similar as for modules. A postgraduate certificate is made up of four modules, a postgraduate diploma 8 and a Masters equivalent to 12 modules.

What about assignments?

All the modules will have assignments linked to them. The assignments are designed to be very practical and of real use to you in your business. They will seek to help you make real changes that will help transform your business.

There is however no need to do those assignments if you don’t feel they are relevant to you. You can choose to access all our learning provision without being assessed.

Many of the workshop sessions have no formal assignment tasks, though you may well be asked to think about something in relation to your own role and business.

What about qualifications?

Some of our provision is accredited i.e. can lead to a qualification and some is not. On the web site information about any credit or qualification you can gain for a module or programme is provided. If you want to know more about any of the modules or programmes then let us know at management.school@uhi.ac.uk.

Who will this help?

Our provision is designed to help both you and your business. The modules and programmes are designed to help you develop your skills, knowledge and confidence, they have been designed by academic and business people working together to help ensure the focus is in skills and knowledge important to business. In developing your skills and confidence you will develop your ability to develop the business, making you a more valuable employee. The business gains access to new skills and motivated employees that will help transform it.

What is blended learning?

Blended learning, as the name suggests, is the combination of more than one approach to learning. Really it’s no different to many forms of learning. We hope that your learning will occur through a combination of the learning materials, workshop sessions and direct workplace experience and support.

One of the reasons for the increased use of the term blended learning is because of the increased use of technology to support learning and that is something that we do utilize to help support individuals undertaking our modules and programmes.

What is e-learning?

E-learning is the delivery of a learning, training or education program by electronic means. We use a variety of different technologies to help support your e-learning, though of course we also use more traditional options as well. Many of the workshop sessions will be delivered in a traditional way, though we are also able to deliver them to a much wider group by technology as well.

For our modules and programmes a large part of the e-learning content is made available via a virtual learning environment or VLE. This is basically a web site that you have access that gives 24/7 access to your module. As well as access to the content and activities you will be able to use discussion board and chat facilities to connect with other people on the module. All CPD modules also provide an option of downloading module content for you to read and review off-line, using your online time answering questions or completing tasks. To support the VKLE we also have a virtual classroom tool that will give you a chance to meet with others on the module virtually, saving time and transport costs. This tool will allow you to talk (and see) each other, including your tutor and to work together on relevant issues, enhancing and deepening your learning.

How do I get access?

Once you have agreed to take one of our courses you will be given information about how to access the online element of the courses.

Are there any instructions on how to use the courses?

Yes, there are instructions and information online to help you get the most of the online elements. Tutors will also provide you with guidance and advice as to how best to work online. If you need any additional support that can be provided by emailing management.school@uhi.ac.uk, where we can help work with you to get the most from the course.

Can I access the courses on my home computer?

Yes, you can access the courses from any computer with Internet access at home, work or anywhere in the world.