How we deliver

Our provision is designed for maximum flexibility for both individuals and business.

We deliver workshops, short courses, accredited modules and programmes in a range of different subject areas. All of the learning opportunities are designed to help you develop skills, knowledge and confidence, helping support the growth and development your business at the same time.

Our learning opportunities are often supported by technology, making them highly flexible, especially for busy professionals and busy organisations. Learning content is made available 24/7 and we have a virtual classroom tool to help provide opportunities for people to meet and discuss issues in real time, while minimising the personal and business inconvenience of extensive travel and time away from the office.

For business we can deliver in whatever way works best for the business, there is the potential for considerable variation between traditional delivery approaches and those supported by technology. Our aim is to take advantage of appropriate technology solutions to help ensure minimum disruption to business and individuals but also to provide a supportive learning environment that ensures that maximum value is gained by the individual and employer.