Rhiannon Tinsley

Academic Registrar

Rhiannon's role includes the development and management of the academic infrastructure of the university so that there are clear quality and regulatory frameworks and systems to ensure the standards of our academic provision.  She ensures external and internal academic reporting and quality requirements are met, and works with colleagues to develop and implement academic policy.  She leads the faculties and academic standards team within the academic directorate, developing faculty and subject network infrastructure and processes to ensure their effective and efficient operation.  Rhiannon also advises on and manages risk assessment processes in relation to collaborative partnerships under the auspices of the external partnerships steering committee.

External committee membership and other key roles:

  • Academic Registrars Council
  • Teaching Quality Forum
  • QAA institutional reviewer
  • QAA Scotland ELIR Steering Committee


Contact details:
University of the Highlands and Islands
Executive Office
Ness Walk

Telephone: +44 (0)1463 279224
Email: rhiannon.tinsley@uhi.ac.uk