Nick Card

Director of the Ness of Brodgar and LEADER Development Project

Nick has worked widely throughout Britain since graduating from Glasgow University with an MA Honours Archaeology. Over the last decade he has directed and managed a wide range of both research and commercial projects for the Orkney Archaeological Trust and latterly for the Orkney Research Centre for Archaeology of the University of Highlands and Islands (ORCA). He also contributes to various teaching modules within the Archaeology Department of the University of the Highlands and Islands and has assisted with the establishment of an Archaeology Institute within the University of the Highlands and Islands.

Since the inscription of Orkney’s World Heritage Site (WHS) the Heart of Neolithic Orkney, he has been involved in research and fieldwork relating to the sites: as director of the excavations at Bookan Chambered Tomb; as co-ordinator of the WHS geophysics programme; and as a major contributor to the Research Agenda. His interests lie in all aspects of the prehistory of Britain and the Highlands and Islands with particular reference to the Neolithic. He has also co-directed the major excavations at the extensive Bronze Age cemetery of the Knowes of Trotty and the Iron Age complex at Mine Howe.

Since 2004 Nick has directed the Ness of Brodgar excavations in the very heart of the WHS. This project has evolved from several seasons of small-scale test trenches and evaluations to large scale excavation that has become internationally recognised and reported widely in both the popular and academic press including the cover article in National Geographic August 2014.  In 2009 the Ness was recognised by the American Institute of Archaeology; in 2011 it won the Current Archaeology Research Project of the Year; and in 2012 was awarded the international Andante Travel Archaeology Award, having been runner up in 2008.

Nick has lectured widely in the UK and abroad at all levels on the Ness excavations, the WHS and Orcadian archaeology in general. Since 2010 he has also undertaken four mini-lecture tours of the USA speaking by invitation to a number of institutions including the Smithsonian, Harvard Clubs of DC and NY, the Sorbonne, the British Museum, the Australian Museum, the AIA in Salem, Oregon, the George Bush Memorial Library in Texas, and the Explorers Club in DC.  Recently he was awarded the Samuel Kress lectureship for 2016-17 by the Archaeological Institute of America.

Research Interests

The prehistory of the Highlands and Islands with particular reference to the Neolithic.

Current Projects

External Responsibilities and Memberships

  • Member of the Chartered Institute for Archaeologists
  • Fellow of the Society of Antiquarians of Scotland
  • Honorary Research Fellow University of Highlands and Islands
  • Chair of Ness Brodgar Trust
  • Vice President of American Friends of Ness of Brodgar
  • Member of Heart of Neolithic Orkney World Heritage Site Research Committee

Select Recent Publications

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Recent Conference Papers and Lectures

Card, N & Downes, J. 2000 Mine Howe. Paper given at Broch Conference ‘Tall Tales’ in Shetland

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2016 Developing Archaeomagnetic Dating in the Scottish Neolithic: A case study of geomagnetic variation at the Ness of Brodgar Harris SE, Batt CM, Outram Z and Card N

2016 Ness of Brodgar – what the past can do for our future – World Archaeology Congress, Kyoto, Japan

Lectures by Invitation (mainly relating to the Ness of Brodgar and Orkney’s WHS)

2010 AIA Salem, Oregon

2010 Harvard Club of Washington DC

2010 Royal Archaeological Institute, London

2010 Orkney Archaeology Society

2011 Willamette University, Oregon

2011 Portland University, Oregon

2011 Bradford University

2011 Orkney Archaeology Society

2012 Glasgow Archaeology Society

2012 Peeblesshire Archaeology Society

2012 Explorers Club of Washington DC

2012 Potomac School, Washington DC

2012 British Embassy, Washington DC

2012 Harvard Club of New York

2012 Smithsonian Institute, Washington DC

2012 Orkney Archaeology Society

2013 Senate House, UCL, London – Current Archaeology Live.

2013 Society of Antiquarians of Scotland, Edinburgh

2013 Norwegian Archaeology Society

2013 Society of Antiquarians of Scotland, Aberdeen

2013 Orkney Archaeology Society AGM

2013 Dumfries and Galloway Natural History and Antiquarian Society

2014 Orkney Archaeology Society

2014 University of Sydney, Australia

2014 Australian Museum, Sydney

2014 Sorbonne, Paris

2014 Royal Philosophical Society, Glasgow

2015 Inverness Field Club

2015 Orkney Archaeology Society

2016 Orkney Archaeology Society

2016-17 Archaeological Institute of America’s Samuel Kress Lectureship lecturing at circa 12 venues across the US

Plus numerous local societies’ lectures and contributions to ‘poster sessions’ at various conferences


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