Rosalind Aitken

Job Title

Operations Manager


Ros is a highly experienced commercial project and contracts manager, who has recently joined the ORCA team from Museum of London Archaeology, where she worked for 13 years, running a wide range of archaeological projects. Ros’ archaeological experience is extensive, having been involved in managing projects from pre-historic through Roman, Early Historic (Norse, Viking), Medieval and Post-medieval periods.

Whilst based in London, Ros primarily worked on urban archaeological sites, within The City of London, City of Westminster and the London Borough of Camden, and was Senior Archaeologist on the Spitalfields Excavation project, Windsor Castle Excavations amongst others. As a project manager Ros was responsible for creating project designs and often undertook projects in both London and the wider south east region. Ros was partly responsible for managing large excavations on the Southgate Centre in the centre of Bath, part of the designated World Heritage Site. Rosalind also acted as the business manager and liaison for Forensic projects, regularly working with the Metropolitan Police across east and north London.

For ORCA, Rosalind is responsible for both managing and undertaking various projects, from small watching briefs and evaluations, to larger excavations, desk based assessments, Environmental Impact Assessments and consultancy work. Ros regularly works with clients, to assist their projects through the planning process, providing expert advice on heritage issues that may arise.

Ros also works with Senior Management to maintain quality, implement standards, ensure appropriate health and safety management within ORCA.

External responsibilities and memberships

Rosalind has been a Member of the Institute for Archaeologists since 2009 and is currently the liaison between ORCA and the CifA.



Phone number: 01856 569213