NAFC Marine Centre UHI

NAFC Marine Centre UHI is located on the seafront in the historic village of Scalloway, the ancient capital of the Shetland Islands. The islands have close cultural links with Scandinavia and are beautiful and dynamic places to study and live.

The NAFC Marine Centre offers high quality accredited and bespoke training;

research, development and knowledge exchange provision; expert consultancy and modern facilities. Our clients include the nautical, fisheries, engineering, aquaculture and scientific sectors and other emerging industries that may contribute to sustainable development.

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What our students say

I am really enjoying the course so far. Everything I’m learning is really interesting and I’m looking forward to my first phase at sea. I’m particularly looking forward to getting involved and getting some hands on experience. Lewis Ross-Smith, Merchant Navy Deck Cadet

I’m really enjoying it all. So far, I’ve studied ship operations, the maritime industry and nautical science. The next step will be putting this into practice at sea, which I’m really excited about. I can’t wait to see different places and put what I’ve learnt into practice. Adam Finlayson, Merchant Navy Deck Cadet