Perth College UHI

Situated on the southern edge of the beautiful Highlands of Scotland, Perth College UHI boasts a lively student campus in a vibrant historic city. We have purpose-built student residences on campus as well as a lively student union.

We specialise in a number of subjects, including:

Aircraft Engineering, Audio Engineering, Music and Sustainable Mountain Development

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What our students say

My course is mostly online so I study when I want, around other commitments. I decided to come to Perth College UHI because it’s not far for me to travel from Fife and I wanted to better myself and my career. My course is interesting because you don’t just study one thing, what I’ve learned about why people act the way they do, I can apply to the real world. The qualification will help me to get the job I want, both from an academic point of view, but also as proof that I have the commitment to follow something through and I have learned how to set goals and achieve them. Everyone is very friendly and helpful, I would recommend Perth College UHI to anyone to further their knowledge, gain confidence and make friends. Lynsey Pearson, BA (Hons) Social Sciences Student

I found that I really enjoyed learning part-time while working at a local nursery, so just carried on and came to college in the evenings to do a PDA in child care and education. That got me into a supervisory role, but I knew if I wanted to work at a higher level career in child protection, I needed a degree. I joined the BA in Child and Youth Studies and as the course is run online I could study at nights or weekends around other commitments. Lecturers were all really approachable too and you could ask them anything. The college library was a great base for study, so I came into it every day for the environment and the nice Costa coffee next door. I loved being a student at Perth and even though I’m doing an MSc at Dundee you can still find me most days working in the library here.Judy Potter, BA (Hons) Early Education and Childcare Student

The difference between Perth and traditional universities is that classes are smaller here, and that makes a world of difference. You get to know each other’s strengths so can really work as a team to share ideas and knowledge, and the lecturers can tailor opportunities to suit your skills.  I like coding, so have been given the chance to do some really interesting projects as part of my course. I’ve done websites for charities and the local authority and am now working on an image recognition project for a large company. There are lots of opportunities here, as you can stand for election in the students’ association at Perth or UHI, representing people’s views and getting involved in how your course or the college is run. It’s an excellent learning environment and I love being a student here as I really feel like I’m preparing for my career.Aisling Goodey, BSc (Hons) Computing Student