ALPINE Successes

Since 2016/2017 the following university colleagues have gained Fellowship of the Higher Education Academy (HEA) through either ALPINE (Accredited Learning, Professional development, and Innovation in Education) or direct with the HEA in order to support the implementation of the ALPINE framework within the university.

ALPINE is the university’s new framework for the recognition of excellent practice in learning and teaching, supporting learning and teaching, and educational leadership in higher education. ALPINE is aligned to the UK Professional Standards Framework for Teaching and Supporting Learning in Higher Education (UKPSF), and provides the opportunity for colleagues to gain recognition as an Associate Fellow, Fellow or Senior Fellow of the HEA through an internal recognition process. ALPINE also offers mentoring support for colleagues who would like to apply directly to the HEA for recognition as a Principal.

One important requirement on the ALPINE portfolio route is that some of the evidence an individual puts forward in their application should take the form of digital artefacts that can be used to share good educational practice and resources across UHI via either the uhitoolkit, or alternatively (for certain kinds of artefact) the Learning and Teaching Academy website.  Digital artefacts could take the form of reusable educational resources (e.g. interactivities, online materials, assignment specifications, activity designs), screencasts or podcasts that capture or describe good practice, or ‘teaching tips’ style articles that can be shared online.

Associate Fellow Successes

Fellow Successes

Senior Fellow Successes

Principal Fellow Successes

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Associate Fellow

Academic Partner

Alex Walker Executive Office UHI
Debbie Wartnaby Executive Office UHI
Elaine Sutherland Executive Office UHI
Lesley Murray Executive Office UHI
Val Cooper Executive Office UHI
Jelena Farkic  West Highland College 


Academic Partner

Elizabeth McFarlane Argyll College UHI
Yvonne McNiven Argyll College UHI
Andrew Gibson Executive Office UHI
Ann Tilbury  Executive Office UHI
Anne Chard Executive Office UHI
Elaine Dalloway Executive Office UHI
Heather Fotheringham Executive Office UHI
John MacMillan Executive Office UHI
Lesley Watson Executive Office UHI
Rosie Alexander Executive Office UHI
Scott Connor Executive Office UHI
Eleanor Rutherford Inverness College UHI
Jed McKernie Inverness College UHI
Kathleen MacLennan Inverness College UHI
Kirsten Grant Inverness College UHI 
Mark Murray Inverness College UHI 
Margarete Paschke Inverness College UHI
Nicola Diggins Inverness College UHI
Sarah Roe   Inverness College UHI 
Roisin King Lews Castle College UHI
Simon Bradley  Lews Castle College UHI 
Allane Hay Moray College UHI
Linda Richardson North Highland College UHI
Sarah Dunnett North Highland College UHI
James Moore   Orkney College UHI
Sarah Jane Gibbon Orkney College UHI
Scott Timpany Orkney College UHI
Andrew Dyce Perth College UHI
Dale Robertson Perth College UHI
Elinor Moses Perth College UHI
Richard Smernicki Perth College UHI
Ronnie Dewar Perth College UHI
Scott Innes Perth College UHI
Thomas Brown Scottish Association of Marine Science UHI
Clive Fox Scottish Association of Marine Science UHI
John Howe Scottish Association of Marine Science UHI
Shona Magill Scottish Association of Marine Science UHI
Alex Williams West Highland College UHI
Charlotte Almekinders West Highland College UHI
Chris Mackie West Highland College UHI
Michael Pitt West Highland College UHI
Miriam Iorwerth West Highland College UHI
Tracy Matheson West Highland College UHI

Senior Fellow

Academic Partner

Andrew Rae  Executive Office UHI
Andy Brown Executive Office UHI
Brian Boag Executive Office UHI
Euan Black Executive Office UHI
Fiona Skinner  Executive Office UHI
Jacky MacMillan  Executive Office UHI
Peter Honeyman Executive Office UHI
Susan Engstrand Executive Office UHI
Innes Visage Highland Theological College UHI  
Robert Shillaker Highland Theological College UHI  
Anne-Marie Nuttall Inverness College UHI
Alice Mongiello Inverness College UHI
Kathleen Murray Inverness College UHI
Linda Gunn Inverness College UHI
Melanie Smith Inverness College UHI
Wendy Maltinsky Inverness College UHI
Anna-Wendy Stevenson Lews Castle College UHI
Gareth Davies Lews Castle College UHI
Michael Smith Lews Castle College UHI
Rachel Erskine Lews Castle College UHI
Alan Ogg North Highland College UHI
Diane Ross North Highland College UHI
Peter Hylton North Highland College UHI
Sophie Dunnett North Highland College UHI
Ingrid Mainland Orkney College UHI 
Wilma Bichan Orkney College UHI 
Catherine Etri Perth College UHI
Eleanor Brown Perth College UHI 
Helen Duncan Perth College UHI 
Frances Whittet Perth College UHI
Mei-Li Roberts  Perth College UHI 
Robert Boyd Perth College UHI 
Stewart Fraser  Perth College UHI 
Roxane Permar Centre for Rural Creativity, Shetland College UHI
Matt Groves West Highland College UHI   


Principal Fellow

Academic Partner

Gary Campbell Executive Office UHI
Frank Rennie Lews Castle College UHI
Michael Rayner Executive Office UHI

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