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Frequently Asked Questions

Who's eligible for ALPINE?

ALPINE is open to all colleagues in teaching, support or academic leadership roles at SCQF level 7 upwards.

How long will it take?

This is dependent on the category of Fellowship and the route you choose to take. If applying through routes 1 or 2, this will be determined by the time it takes to complete your studies. For route 3, applications for Associate Fellow or Fellow should take no longer than two months; Senior Fellow applications a maximum of four months.

Is there a fee involved?

There are no fees involved in seeking professional recognition through route 3 of ALPINE. There are tuition fees attached to the modules taken as part of routes 1 and 2.

How will my application be assessed?

Your application will be taken to one of our ALPINE recognition panels, where it will be considered by university and external colleagues.

How do I register for ALPINE?

Please contact for more information

If you are intending to take routes 1 or 2 on ALPINE you must also apply for the Teaching and Learning module/Postgraduate Certificate.