Past Events

Past events hosted or facilitated by the Learning and Teaching Academy.

Assessment & feedback symposium 29/11/2018
Event: Write-UP Residential Writing Retreat 25/11/2018
Mentoring: a briefing session for new and aspiring mentors for Learning and Teaching Enhancement 31/10/2018
University Women's Network: Meeting 30/10/2018
LTA Connect: Key concepts in learning and teaching – an introduction to educational theory and literature 26/09/2018
LTA Connect: Engaging in the student rep system 20/09/2018
ALPINE Mentoring: A Briefing for new and aspiring ALPINE Mentors 11/09/2018
The University Mentoring Scheme Week: 2 Day Residential 30/08/2018
Mentoring Scheme Week: ALPINE Mentoring - what we have achieved and what the future looks like 29/08/2018
Mentoring Scheme Week: Every day is a school day: learning through mentoring small business leaders 28/08/2018
Mentoring Scheme Week: Engaging in Educational Scholarship and Progressing to Educational Research 27/08/2018
The University Mentoring Scheme Week 27/08/2018
Mentoring Scheme Week: Introducing the University Mentoring Scheme 27/08/2018
The University Mentoring Scheme Week: Pic a Mix Session: Relationship Building in a Virtual Context; the Research 27/08/2018
Professor Antonia Darder: Embodied Love and Emancipatory Possibilities: Examining Issues for Transforming Gender Inequalities 17/07/2018
Professor Antonia Darder: The Social Justice Question: Decolonizing Pedagogy, Methodology & Leadership 16/07/2018
LTA Connect: Creating learning communities for online and distance learning students 14/06/2018
Creating a learning community for distance and online students 14/06/2018
ALPINE: Seeking Professional Recognition through ALPINE: An Introduction 14/06/2018
Student Engagement Webinar 12/06/2018
Event: Module Leaders ‘survival essentials’ workshop 05/06/2018
Presentation: Brexit means what? 17/05/2018
Event: Presenting your work: a half-day course in presentation skills 03/05/2018
Coaching and Mentoring Skills in Higher Education 03/05/2018
LTA Connect: Gamification in Teaching 26/04/2018
ALPINE: Seeking Professional Recognition through ALPINE: An Introduction 18/04/2018
LTA Connect: The Research Excellence Framework (REF) Exercise - REF 2021 29/03/2018
LTA Connect: Mahara – a most versatile tool 22/03/2018
Event: These Women Can!: Advancing women at the University of the Highlands and Islands 08/03/2018
LTA Connect: Crossword puzzles – an enjoyable way to aid learning and problem-solving 22/02/2018
LTA Connect: Research-Teaching Linkages 25/01/2018
Making effective use of real-time environments - Teaching with synchronous technologies symposium 15/12/2017
LTA Connect: Peer-assisted study 07/12/2017
LTA Connect: Staff and student perceptions of the value and quality of feedback 16/11/2017
Transforming Assessment 15/11/2017
LTA Connect: Employability and Careers: the Highlands and Islands context 26/10/2017
LTA Connect: Introducing the Learning and Teaching Enhancement Strategy 25/10/2017
Learning and Teaching Conference 2017 19/06/2017
Can Blackboard Collaborate enhance online learning in FE and HE? 19/06/2017
The Porous University: Openness, space and place in Higher Education 08/05/2017
LTA Connect: Critical perspectives on inclusivity 27/04/2017
LTA Connect: Designing and assessing collaborative work 06/04/2017
LTA Connect: Frameworks for enhancing how we use VLEs 23/03/2017
LTA Connect: Using panel feedback to increase student satisfaction 09/02/2017
LTA Connect: Digital social networks and the Academy 19/01/2017
LTA Connect: What is a digital university? Delving into the depths 22/11/2016
LTA Connect: The future of learning 30/09/2016
LTA Connect: Engaging students as researchers 06/05/2016
LTA Connect: The development of the virtual residency and international collaborations 15/06/2016