Past Scholarship Projects

2017/18 Projects

  • Exploring the potential of digital connectivity for professional learners in rural areas: Comparing the experiences of professionals based in education, health and business. Project lead: Helen Coker (Inverness College UHI)

  • Putting design into Practice? Investigating the relationship between digital skills and blended learning standards. Project lead: Donald Maclean (Perth College UHI)

  • The use of screen capture software to deliver individual, formative feedback at Argyll College UHI. Project lead: Susannah Wilson (Argyll College UHI)

2016/17 Project

  •  If you don't ask you don’t get: A user evaluation of virtual learning environments. Emma Clayes, Khristin Fabian, Paul Oliver (Perth College UHI)

2015/16 Projects

  • Developing an affective online persona: The nature of authentic practice through online learning and teaching in a Scottish HEI. Alice Mongiello and Kathleen Murray (Inverness College UHI)
  • Learning analytics at the University of the Highlands and Islands. Marie-Lise Schläppy (North Highland College UHI)
  • Adopting research-based case-studies to foster transferable skills and attributes (TSA). Annabel Baker and Robert Boyd (Perth College UHI)
  • The Journey from Further Education to University: an exploration of learner experiences and expectations. Patrick O’Donnell and Kyle Smith (Perth College UHI)

2014/15 Projects

  • Investigating and benchmarking best practice in online learning and teaching at the university. Donna Heddle (Orkney College UHI) and Andrew Jennings (Shetland College UHI): Summary (PDF)
  • Mindset training and CSI intervention: Their effects on academic achievement, mindset development and student satisfaction. Emma Clayes, Irene Lawrie and Norman Wilson (Perth College UHI)
  • Curriculum for Excellence: A qualitative enquiry into staff perceptions of a Scottish Educational Initiative. Nick Taylor and Julia Moreland (Moray College UHI): Summary (PDF)
  • Student perception of learning by video conference. Simon Clarke (Shetland College UHI)

2013/14 Projects

  • An investigation into blended learning at the university, its uses and effectiveness. Simon Clarke (Shetland College UHI), Sue Engstrand (Moray College UHI), Eddie Graham (Lews Castle College UHI), John Howe (SAMS UHI), Elsa Panciroli (student): Summary (PDF)
  • Research into how Curriculum for Excellence principles have been embedded within the activities of the Early Education and Childcare subject area at Perth College UHI. Hannah Bell, Lesley Connaghan, Collen Maclean (Perth College UHI): Summary (PDF)