Copyright licensing

All material scanned and made available in a digitsed format to students via the VLE, email or on an intranet, must have a current fully-completed copyright notice attached to the file.

Download the copyright notice (latest version 2012-04-20)

Download the instructions for attaching the copyright notice to the file.

To download the instructions off campus open up a new browser from MyUHI and paste the link into the browser.

CLA Information

For information on the CLA Higher Education License see the HE CLA Web site.

For full details see the CLA User Guidelines

For further clarification on any CLA issue, please contact either your local college librarian, or the UHI CLA HE Licence Coordinator.

CLA checklist

Download the CLA checklist

Digital copy register

UHI CLA Digital Copy Register [network access only]

To use this form off campus open up a new browser in MyUHI

This form is live. Please do not use it unless you have completed UHI's CLA training module. Contact Andy Brown for information.

CLA Guide to Reporting and Managing Digital Copies

This guide explains how use of digital copies is reported to the CLA.