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What is myUHI?

The myUHI Citrix service provides a virtual UHI desktop on any internet connected computer. Using the myUHI link, available from the shortcuts menu or this page, you can log into the service and access your files from any computer and you can also access a range of software applications that run across the internet - this means that you don't have to have these applications on your computer but you can still use them from any computer connected to the internet. myUHI requires you to log into the service using your UHI user name and password.

Who uses myUHI?

All staff and students within UHI have access to use myUHI.

Why should I use myUHI?

myUHI provides secure remote access to applications and data. This means if you are working offsite you can still access the main UHI services and your H Drive will be available to you as well.

myUHI can also provide faster access than from a college PC to some services, such as SITS. There are a number of ways of accessing the services hosted from myUHI: through the Access Gateway web site, XenApp Plugin or Program Neighbourhood. See the myUHI Guides section for details.

Using myUHI you can:

  • Access your remote file store (your 'documents library' area and other mapped drives)
  • Swap files between their local PC and your remote file store
  • Use applications such as Word, Excel, etc running on the citrix server not on your local PC
  • Access your email using the Groupwise client application
  • Access library journals as if you are on campus, if available
  • Access other internal resources while off campus eg intranets.

You should use myUHI when you are at home and even from within the college if the PC you are working on does not have all the relevant software for your work.

When is myUHI available?

This service should be available for use 24 * 7, 365 days a year. However there will be times when we need to carry out essential maintenance work, this will be required to address a service fault, or to carryout service improvement work. Whilst we will endeavour to give notice of any work that will require an outage, this may not always be possible.

Is it working?

Check for service announcements

Is there any work scheduled on myUHI?

Information on planned works is available from the service announcements page.
If you are unsure about some of the terminology and jargon used here, see our glossary.

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Answers to many of the most commonly asked questions about myUHI can be found on this page.

Q: What are the different Citrix components called?

A: Citrix renamed some of its software recently. The Citrix servers run software called XenApp. This used to be called Presentation Server. You may also see it referred to as MetaFrame.
The Windows client software was called WebClient and Program Neighbourhood Agent. These are now known as XenApp Web Plugin and XenApp Plugin.

Program Neighbourhood (not to be confused with Program Neighbourhood Agent) has kept its name.

The correct name for the myUHI web site is Access Gateway.

Q: Is there more than one way to access myUHI?

A: Yes you can access it via a XenApp Web Plugin, Program Neighbourhood or XenApp Plugin. However if you are offsite only the Web Plugin can be used. For more information read Accessing myUHI from the Guides section.

Q: Do I need an account and password to access this service?

A: Yes, these will be your normal UHI ID and password. See Accessing our Services for more details.

Q: What do I need to run myUHI on my PC?

A: To ensure it can operate correctly install the correct client software from the downloads page.

Q: I am running Windows Vista, is there anything I need to be aware of?

A: We are aware of an issue with Vista and the latest version of Internet Explorer. We maintain a page of known errors that you can refer to.

myUHI guides

There are a number of guides and instructions available for myUHI.

Accessing myUHI

myUHI Access Gateway (web site) introduction

MyUHI Service guide


XenApp Web Plugin (WebClient) access (opens in new window)

XenApp Plugin (Program Neighbourhood Agent) access

Program Neighbourhood access

Redirecting Drive mappings

Printing with myUHI

myUHI downloads

The following Windows downloads are available for the myUHI service. Installation requires local admin access to the PC so you may need to contact your local IT support team for permission or assistance. Uninstalling any older versions often resolves problems installing Citrix client software. All downloads are version 11.000; older versions are available from helpdesk if required.

Two packaged Windows installation files are available with all required settings preset. Settings can be changed once the software is installed and components can be added or removed using the control panel.

  • XAWebOnly - provides the Web Plugin enabling access to myUHI Citrix only through the Access Gateway web site.
  • XAPlugins - includes Web Plugin and Plugin, the new name for Program Neighbourhood Agent. This should be used on PCs on the UHI network.

Non-packaged Windows installers

Software for other platforms is available from the Citrix website