Media Services

Video Streaming

Video upload is available through the UHI Stream Service. Access to the service is with your normal UHI username and password, once logged in to the service you have access to your own recordings along with the uploaded recordings of others that have shared their materials with you. This service is also sometimes referred to as the Helix Media Library.

There are different levels of access that can be granted to videos held here, contact the UHI Servicedesk if you need additional secure areas set up.

Further training and reference materials about the service are held on the UHI Mahara service.

Using a free application called “Techsmithfuse” users can then send video from their mobile device to the Helix Media Library – the server is located at and this will also require your normal UHI username and password.

TV and Radio Recording

This service requires an account to have been set up and users should contact Marion MacDonald  for access.

The Television recording facility is within the desktop area of “MyUHI

We currently record BBC1, BBC2, ITV and Channel 4, 24 hours each day and these recordings are held in a temporary folder for about 1 week.  Recorded programmes can be selected from the time line and published for viewing.
Scheduled programmes on terrestrial channels can be selected up to one week ahead and these will then be recorded and sent directly to the Helix Media Library for viewing or including in your Blackboard modules. A Training Video is available on the Stream Service.  Television recordings will be placed in the TV Recordings folder on the Helix Media Library.


The Podcasting Service is called PePe and requires your normal UHI username and password – this service will accept .mp3 files to be uploaded into a collection and will email you with information on how to distribute this as an audio podcast for your students.  The PePe service can also accept Microsoft Word Documents and Text files and it will transcode these into computer generated audio files using the “Scottish Voice”