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Kenneth Black
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Available to talk to the media about

  • Aquaculture Environment Interactions: escapes
  • measuring and modelling seabed impacts
  • water column impacts
  • medicines in the environment
  • sealice and connectivity

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Professor Kenneth Black has been a researcher in marine science at SAMS since 1991 and has published 68 ISI peer-reviewed journal papers on a variety of topics ranging from organic chemistry to modelling environmental impacts of aquaculture. He has been awarded over 50 research grants as PI or co-PI. He has edited and co-edited 6 books on environmental aspects of aquaculture and contributed chapters to several other volumes. He has supervised 10 PhD students to successful completion. He has co-ordinated 6 EU projects concerning the impacts of aquaculture and been involved in 6 others. He presently co-ordinates the EU H2020 project AquaSpace.

His current research interests include: 1) sustainability, energy, food, society; 2) integration of physical and biological models relating to disease and parasite management in aquaculture; 3) Recovery processes in fish farm sediments; and 4) Indicators and models of pollution from aquaculture.  

Prof. Black has served on several Scottish Government working groups on a variety of aquaculture topics, as well as serving on the Ministerial Working Group for Aquaculture from its inception in 2002 till 2013. He serves on the Science Advisory Board for Marine Scotland Science and is a member of the UK Non-native Risk Assessment Panel.

Current research

  • Sustainability, energy, food, society
  • Integration of physical and biological models relating to disease and parasite management in aquaculture
  • Recovery processes in fish farm sediments
  • Indicators and models of pollution from aquaculture
  • Macroalgae as a source of biofuel and added value products

Selected publications

  • Price CS, Black KD, Hargrave BT, Morris Jr JA  (2015) Marine cage culture and the environment: effects on water quality and primary production. Aquaculture Environment Interactions. 6: 151–174 doi: 10.3354/aei00122
  • Jackson D, Drumm A, McEvoy S, Jensen Ø, Mendiola D, Gabiña G, Borg J., Papageorgiou N, Karakassis Y, Black K. (2014). A pan-European valuation of the extent, causes and cost of escape events from sea cage fish farming. Aquaculture.
  • Kalantzi I, Papageorgiou N, Sevastou K, Black KD, Pergantis SA, Karakassis I (2014) Metals in benthic macrofauna and biogeochemical factors affecting their trophic transfer to wild fish around fish farm cages. Science of the Total Environment 470–471: 742–753
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