University launches first international undergraduate degree

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Western Isles, Callanish above and Uig, Skye below

The University of the Highlands and Islands has launched its first international undergraduate degree. Taught online, the BSc (Hons) in sustainable development can be studied from anywhere in the world.

The course, which explores sustainable economic, social and community development as well as the environment, was created by staff at Lews Castle College UHI in Stornoway, a partner in the university.

Programme leader, Dr Michael Smith, said: “Sustainable development has never been more in focus. Leaders are gearing up for one of the largest ever conferences on sustainable development in Brazil and governments are thinking seriously about alternatives to the current global economic system which appears less sustainable as each year passes as populations grow and resources become more limited.

“This degree is available to anyone with access to a computer and broadband connection and we’ve built flexibility into weekly interactions and group activities, so students can continue to work alongside their studies.”

UigJoe Macphee, head of economic development in Western Isles council, said: “This course aligns with our mission to support economic and social regeneration. We need to encourage and enable communities to generate new ideas and maximise potential from development opportunities. This course seems well placed to help this process.”

The university also offers short courses in sustainable development for professionals who would like to top-up their knowledge and skills. Both the short courses and the degree are fully accredited by the Institute of Economic Development, meaning graduates will have fast-track access to full institution membership.

To find out more about courses in sustainable development, visit the university of the Highlands and Islands website or call the course information line on 0845 272 3600.

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