University launches consultation on new Gaelic Plan

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A University of the Highlands and Islands Gaelic and media studies student

The University of the Highlands and Islands is launching a public consultation on its proposed new Gaelic Language Plan.

The document sets out how the university intends to continue to promote and develop the use of Gaelic through its practices, communications and curriculum.

Proposals include producing more bilingual resources for students and alumni, encouraging staff to learn Gaelic as part of their personal development, holding more Gaelic events and increasing the amount of Gaelic in its marketing materials and web content.

The document is the university’s second Gaelic Language Plan. The university was the first higher education institution in Scotland to produce a Gaelic Language Plan in 2010. Members of the public are being invited to read the new plan and share their thoughts on it during the six-week consultation.

Dr Crichton Lang, the university’s acting principal, said: “Gaelic is an integral part of Scotland’s heritage, national identity and cultural life. As the only university based in the Highlands and Islands, we are intensely aware of our responsibilities to enhance the status of Gaelic and promote its use through the learning opportunities we provide.

“I am proud of our achievements to date, which have seen us increase the visibility and audibility of Gaelic in our services to students, staff and the public, while making opportunities for Gaelic medium and Gaelic language learning more widely available.

“We hope our new plan will build on these achievements and demonstrate the university’s continuing commitment to the development and enhancement of Gaelic.

“Consultation is an important part of the process so I would encourage anyone with an interest in the language plan to share their views.”

The consultation on the University of the Highlands and Islands’ second Gaelic Language Plan will run from Monday 3 February until Sunday 16 March.