Rivers and Lochs Institute

The UHI Rivers and Lochs Institute (RLI) was established to support freshwater biodiversity management through research, training and education. The RLI specialises in Molecular Genetic Research to aid in the conservation and management of all biodiversity in rivers and lochs, including fish stocks.

Based in the heart of the Highlands and Islands the Rivers and Lochs Institute (RLI) is uniquely placed to work with local communities, freshwater and fisheries managers, businesses and government agencies to provide scientific support to protect and conserve freshwater biodiversity and manage sustainable wild fisheries.

By working with public and private sectors, the RLI aims to provide research and training opportunities that contribute to a comprehensive understanding of the nature and biodiversity of freshwater ecosystems.

The activities of the RLI include:

  • Working with partners at local, regional, national and international levels to deliver integrated, multidisciplinary research projects
  • Researching the nature and extent of freshwater biodiversity in lochs and rivers in Scotland in support of meeting national and European conservation obligations
  • Supporting, through science, the management of freshwater biodiversity in Scotland and sustainable economic development in respect of fisheries, aquaculture, renewable energy, and integrated land use
  • Contributing to the academic body of knowledge relating to biodiversity and fisheries management through the publication of peer reviewed papers in scientific journals and conference presentations
  • Establishing a research focused post-graduate training, education and CPD programme in freshwater biodiversity conservation and fisheries management
  • Developing the environment for high quality post-graduate employment opportunities in the Highland and Islands region

In 2015 the RLI will move to the new Beechwood Campus Inverness, with a custom built molecular genetics and freshwater research laboratory and research space in the research and enterprise hub.

Please take a look at RLI website to see an overview of current research projects, opportunities for study and CPD courses.


Key information and contact details:

You can find more information at the River and Lochs website.

Project Director: Professor Eric Verspoor

Email: eric.verspoor.ic@uhi.ac.uk
T: +44 [0]1463 273226

River Carron Project Manager: Bob Kindness

Email: Bob.Kindness.ic@uhi.ac.uk
T: +44 [0]7828 467552

Research Assistant: Matthew Curran

Email: Matthew.Curran.ic@uhi.ac.uk
T: +44 (0)1463 273305


The Lochs and Rivers Institute, Inverness College UHI, 1 Inverness Campus, IV2 5NA

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