Past Events

Exploring Masculinities on Clydeside: men in reserved occupations during the Second World War 07/11/2018
The Cult of Saints in Medieval Scotland 26/09/2018
Understanding Runrig in the Northern Highlands 25/04/2018
'Where Water comes together with Other Water: the River/Sea Culture of Chinook Indians' 14/03/2018
Strangers in a Strange Land? 13/12/2017
Centre for History seminar: Reaching the Estate of Manhood: A Case Study of James V 08/11/2017
Associationalism, Empire and the Archive of the Caledonian Societies of Kenya and Zanzibar 26/09/2017
Gordonbush Estate Archives Event 15/06/2017
The Modernity of being Anti-Modern: Mountaineers in Turn-of-the-Century England and Germany 25/05/2017
The Battle of the Somme film 17/05/2017