Dr. Frank Pezold

Dr. Frank Pezold is the Dean of Texas A&M University’s College of Science & Technology. Dr. Pezold and his students study fish diversity and evolution with applications to ecology and conservation. His major contributions have been in the systematics and classification of gobiidae. Dr. Pezold has conducted field work in freshwater and coastal waters of the southeastern US, Mexico, Venezuela, West Africa and Micronesia.

Current student projects include:

  • A phylogeography of African mountain catfishes (Amphilius)
  • DNA analyses of morphologically conservative African pygmy sleepers (Kribia) and the amphi-Atlantic frillfin goby Bathygobius soporator
  • Spatiotemporal genetic variation in recruiting amphidromous sicydiine gobies from Micronesia.
  • A GIS database of the fishes of Guinea is being developed.