Dr Joe Fox

Joe M. Fox is Professor of Marine Biology and Fisheries/Mariculture in the College of Science and Technology at Texas A&M University- Corpus Christi. A former Department Chair in the Department of Life Sciences, Dr. Fox is an internationally-recognized aquaculture researcher with a PhD from Texas A&M University in Fisheries and Wildlife Science. His formal academic training is in animal nutrition with a focus on aquatic organisms.

Dr. Fox has worked extensively in international settings and has broad-range collaborations at multiple levels.  He is a strong advocate for systematic research and for integrated efforts toward securing large-scale federal and private-sector funding.  Dr. Fox received recognition for his work in the marine field by being named the first recipient of the Campbell Professorship in Marine Biology at TAMUCC and has most recently, since 2011, served as Chair of the Department of Life Sciences there. To date, Dr. Fox has authored over 50 peer-reviewed articles in disciplines as diverse as aquatic animal nutrition, aquacultural engineering, and fish bioacoustics.  His career as a research mentor has led him to serve as Graduate Advisory Committee Chair/Co-Chair on more than 60 dissertations and theses.  His experience in industry is also extensive in that he has served as technical advisor to two large multi-national, vertically-integrated seafood companies while living in Central America, headed economic development projects in Southeast Asia, and has constructed and operated commercial and educational aquaculture facilities in foreign countries.  

Dr. Fox is experienced in all areas of aquaculture development across diverse phyla, local and international scope, and within academic and private sectors.  Most recently he has been responsible for organization of large-scale funding efforts focused on establishment of resource centers for oysters and seagrass and monitoring programs for Matagorda Bay and the Lower Laguna Madre. These efforts have required substantial interaction with state agencies (Texas A&M AgriLife Research, Texas Engineering Experiment Station, Texas General Land Office, Texas Parks and Wildlife, Lower Colorado River Authority, academic and agency partners, as well as the private sector and local governments (municipalities and navigation districts). Dr. Fox has extensive experience working with extension and outreach groups in developing funding initiatives. He most recently received funding approximating $1M for training of underrepresented students in UAV technology. He is currently working with two national laboratories (Sandia, Lawrence Livermore) and the Smithsonian Institute to develop new and innovative technologies for production of algae biomass for bionergy and bioproducts.