Kevin Forshaw

Kevin Forshaw has been engaged with support for the Marine and Maritime sector for over 15 years, acting as the interface between University’s and Research Organisations and Industry. He established a Marine Thematic Group whilst working for the European Commission’s Innovation Relay Centre, and has since worked for 3 Universities before joining the NOC.

During this period he has established numerous collaborative research projects focussed on vessel efficiency, and now increasingly Marine Autonomous Systems, that have leveraged many £millions of supporting EC and UK public funding.   Supporting business has also recently been enhanced by the setting up of the Marine Robotics Innovation Centre at NOC, that has attracted many SMEs members, and larger end-user companies as supporting organisations – all working on a portfolio of in excess of £10m of R&D projects to develop the Marine Autonomous Systems of tomorrow.

Kevin also sits on various UK national and regional committees including the Marine Industries Leadership Council, Marine Industries Leadership Group and the Solent LEP’s Solent Marine and Maritime Working Group.  His work here is focussed on economic development, and how the NOC and other Research Organisations can assist with the development of high-value marine science businesses that will stimulate job creation and benefit the UK economy.