Dr. Michele Stanley

Dr Michele Stanley has over 23 years research experience in the field of biotechnology, working on applied phycological projects for more than 20 years. Since joining SAMS in 2006, she has developed and lead on establishing research within the field of marine biotechnology, focusing on the fundamental aspects of phycology, which have potential commercial applications.

Her expertise in algal bioenergy and biotechnology has been recognised at a national level, being awarded the Director of the NERC/TSB funded Algal Bioenergy Special Interest Group (2010- 2014) and as the Co-Director of Phyconet, a BBSRC Network in Industrial Biotechnology and Bioenery (NIBB).  She has also been invited and currently sits on the following advisory committees - Chair of the Scientific Advisory Board of the IBioIC, a member of the BBSRC Industrial Biotechnology and Bioenergy Strategy Advisory Panel, a member of the EPSRC Energy Strategic Advisory Board and the Cross Research Council Subgroup on Bioenergy and a Steering Board member for the European Algal Biomass Association.

In the last 10 years she has had 27 successful grant applications and has published in a range of journals, including Nature.  This has lead to grant capture in the range of £7.7 million and including networking activities this rises to £9.3 million (Phyconet). Also because of her involvement in international/collaborative grants SAMS has been involved in grants worth approximately £30 million.  These have included BioMara, Macrofuels, Seabiotech, At~Sea, MacroSea, SuBB.