Dr. Steven DiMarco

Dr. Steven F. DiMarco is a Professor in the Department of Oceanography and Ocean Observing Team Leader in the Geochemical and Environmental Research Group at Texas A&M University.

He is a charter member of the US National Science Foundation – University National Oceanographic Laboratory System – Ocean Observing Science Committee and has served on the UNOLS Regional Class Research Vessel Science Oversight Committee. Dr. DiMarco is an observational oceanographer whose research has focused on interdisciplinary studies in which physical and biogeochemical processes overlap. He is deeply involved in regional, national, and international programs implementing new technologies and methodologies associated with ocean observing systems and involve applied problems associated with societal concerns of human impact of the marine environment. The results of his research have been used to guide management policies and drive agency decision in the US and abroad. He has authored or co-authored 50+ peer-reviewed journal publications, 20 technical reports and more than 130 conference abstracts.

Dr. DiMarco’s students have researched a wide variety of topics including oil spill preparedness and response, oceanographic conditions during offshore petroleum exploration and production, coastal hypoxia and upwelling, the relation of harmful algal blooms to ocean circulation, oceanic response to hurricanes, meso-scale and coastal circulation patterns and the use of coupled physical and biogeochemical numerical modeling in the coastal ocean. Dr. DiMarco has chaired nine PhD committees and 14 MS committees, mentored  four postdoctoral associates, mentored 11 undergraduate student research projects and additionally has actively served on 37 graduate student committees.