Professor Teresa Fernandes

Prof. Teresa Fernandes’ research focus on how human activities affect the health of natural ecosystems. She is particularly interested in ecosystem health, links with human health, and management of risk. Specific subjects of her research have included the assessment of effects of human activities such as oil and gas and aquaculture, and the effects of contaminants, such as nutrients, endocrine disruptors, plastics and nanomaterials.

An important aspect of Teresa's research is the management of aquatic and coastal systems, and the integration of science and policy for the sustainable management of natural systems. Teresa is the MASTS leader of the Theme Marine Biodiversity, Function and Services, which provides a platform within the Scottish marine research community to promote discussion and joint work in the area of Marine Biodiversity, Function and Services with the aim of supporting national and international sustainable growth. While the Theme provides a framework and a stimulus for this work, the bulk of activity takes places via its Forums, in the areas of Deep Sea, Coastal Zone, Coastal Science, Spatial Planning and Marine Stressors, as well as specific projects on Elasmobranchs and Microplastics. More detail can be found at: