As part of the conference the public spaces will contain posters by research staff and students,  they are listed below.  Delegates of the conference will be able to vote for their favourite poster, and there will be a prize for the best.  The posters will be on display in the Kingsmills Hotel during days 2 and 3 of the conference (but not during the conference dinner) in the Breakout Room 'Kingsmills 2'.

Poster Title Main Presenter Co-presenters Partner
Places, Careers and Migration Rosie Alexander   EO
The Development of a Dynamic Data Management Tool to aid Inshore Fisheries Management in the Shetland Isles Kathryn Allan   NAFC Marine Centre
Historic Hydropower in East Scotland Annabel Baker Rosalind Bryce  CMS (PC)
Establishment of Osmundea pinnatifida mariculture Cecilia Biancacci Michele Stanley (SAMS), John Day (SAMS), Jim Treasurer (FAI Aquaculture Ltd), Gordon J. McDougall (The James Hutton Institute) SAMS
Concentration and Distribution of Arsenic in seaweed-eating Sheep’s Teeth Magdalena Blanz and Ingrid Mainland Kate Britton (Univ Aberdeen), Eva Krupp (TESLA, Univ Aberdeen), Mark Taggart (ERI), Philippa Ascough (SUERC), Jörg Feldmann (TESLA, Univ Aberdeen)  TESLA (Univ Aberdeen) & Archaeology Institute
Runic writing in the Viking diaspora: Expression of a Norse identity? Andrea Blendl   CNS (OC)
Flower Power: The Beetles and the Stones David Braidwood Roxane Andersen  ERI (NHC)
How might a mentoring programme help address gender imbalances in caring and health professions by encouraging young males to consider this as a career route? Audrey Cameron   OC
New Developments in Trace Metal Analysis at SAMS: Automated Preconcentration by SeaFAST Kirsty Crocket Richare Abell, Tim Brand, Clive Fox SAMS
Eicosanoid Profiling: A Novel Tool for Assessing Nanoparticle Toxicity Kerstin Ziegler Janet Adamson, Ian Megson, Phil Whitfield Division of Health Research
Surviving Starvation: Lipidomic Analysis of Algae Under Nutrient Deprivation Seshu Tammireddy Mary Doherty, Phil Whitfield Division of Health Research
Simplification Strategies for the Cardiac Proteome Mary Doherty Phil Whitfield Division of Health Research
Regional innovation in the Nordic Arctic and Scotland with a special focus on regions with large scale projects Magnus Davidson Neil A James  ERI (NHC)
Relationships between domoic acid concentration and Pseudo-nitzschia spp. cell abundance within a Scottish sea loch Paul Dees G Hermann (Marine Scotland Science), JP Lacaze (Marine Scotland Science), E Bresnan (Marine Scotland Science), BE Scott (IoB&ES, Univ Aberdeen), and JF Tweddle (IoB&ES, Univ Aberdeen) SAMS
Addressing the needs of UHI academic staff in supporting students with mental health conditions in online programmes Rachel Erskine Eilidh MacPhail Division of Health Research
Fish Tagging Study on Data Limited Stocks in Northern Waters Leanna Henderson P Macdonald, A J Johnson NAFC Marine Centre
Reinstating the “natural” woodland of the Highlands Jasmijn E. Sybenga Orkney College UHI
The Experience of Space and Place in World Heritage Site Management Esther Renwick Orkney College UHI
Device Testing: Large Scale Prototype Testing of an Innovative Energy Converter Charles Greenwood Arne Vogler  LCC
‘They graze on wave and ocean plants’. Foddering strategies in island environments:  pig, sheep/goat and cattle diet in Viking and Late Norse Orkney Ingrid Mainland Philippa Ascough (Scottish Universities Environmental Research Centre) Archaeology Institute
Structure and coherence of flow through a tidally energetic channel measured by High Frequency Radar Matteo Marasco   ERI (NHC)
A study of Type I Diabetes Associated Autoantibodies in Schizophrenia Philomena Hallford Division of Health Research
Using a Community Engagement Approach to Encourage Lyme Disease Risk Mitigation Sarah Morton Sarah-Anne Munoz Division of Health Research
Feeding the Algae to Algae: The Potential Role of Detritivores in Sustainable Omega Three Production Joseph Penhaul-Smith   SAMS
The University as an e-Textbook Publisher: Issues and Practicalities Frank Rennie Keith Smyth (EO) LCC 
Smaointean Chloinne Air Litreachas Chloinne (Children's Thoughts on Gealic Children's Literature) Maria Russell   SMO
Glider based measurements of phytoplankton production Jason Salt Stefan Gary (SAMS), Keith Davidson (SAMS), Martin Johnson (UAE) SAMS
Waste, Consumption & Remote Rural Communities - A Q Methodological Study Rebecca Smith   LCC
The Rivers and Lochs Institute Eric Verspoor Mark Coulson, Matthew Curran Rivers and Lochs Institute (IC)
Re-Kindle-ing Gaelic? Donald Weir   LCC