Showcase session B, Day 3

All sessions run in their respective rooms from 1015 - 1110, i.e. all B5 sessions run consecutively in room 1.

SESSION B Title Main speaker Co- speaker AP (main speaker)
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B5 Remote Monitoring of HbA1c for People with Diabetes Jenny Hall Sandra MacRury Div Health Res
B5 Participation in Health and Wellbeing - Is it Different in the Rural Context? Sarah-Anne Munoz Sarah Bowyer Div Health Res
B5 Comparison of personality and problem solving between computing science and psychology students and professionals: Exploring and exploding the stereotypes Eleanor Rutherford Tommy Watkin IC
B5 A Tour of a Veterinary Epidemiology Online Resource Centre Andrew Duncan George Gunn, Carla Correia-Gomes, Roger W Humphry IC (& SRUC)
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B6 An Exploration of Place and its Representations: Tarbert Loch Fyne and a Dialogical Reading of the Photographs of A.B Ovenstone (1851-1935) Lindsay Blair   MC
B6 Using Fuzzy-Sets Analysis Methodology to Study Rural Areas. An Example in the Field of Public Actions Addressing Social Exclusion in Spain. Diana E Valero   CMS (PC)
B6 Words and Waves - Dialogism, Narrative and the Environmental Humanities Rebecca Ford   CNS/OC
B6 Davenant and Bellarmine: the Controversy Over the Doctrine of Justification in the Early Modern Era Hyo ju Kang   HTC
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B7 Developing an Affective Online Persona: The Nature of Authentic Practice Through Online Learning and Teaching Alice Mongiello Kathleen Murray  IC
B7 Cracking the Flipped Classroom: An Investigation on the Effects of Flipped Classroom Model for Maths Khristin Fabian   PC
B7 Learner Transitions: The Journey from Further Education to University: An Exploration of Learner Experiences and Expectations Patrick O'Donnell Kyle Smith  PC
B7 eTIPS - eBook publishing - It's a Lot Easier and a Whole Lot More Useful Than You Might Think! Jacky MacMillan Scott Conner, Frank Rennie, Keith Smyth EDU, LCC
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B8 Development and CFD Simulation of a Low Drag Sea Bed Instrumentation Frame for Multi Sensor Deployments in High Tidal Energy Sites Giuseppe Calise Arne Vogler, James Morrison LCC (Univ Naples, MASTS Fellow)
B8 Investigating the Historically High Salmon Catches on the River Carron, Strathcarron, Wester Ross Matthew Curran   Rivers and Lochs Institute (IC)
B8 Gasification - Sustainable Small-scale Waste to Energy Andrew Rollinson   NHC
B8 Floaters and Sinkers David Pond   SAMS
B8 Challenges of Delivering Fieldwork: a Case Study Across the Sea, Land and Air Laura Carse Charles Greenwood, James Morrison, Philip Gillibrand, Arne Vogler LCC, ERI