PGR Code of Practice

Our postgraduate research code of practice provides guidance and practical support for all postgraduate research students as well as those concerned with the supervision and teaching of research students.

Information contained within the Code of Practice is based on the UK Quality Code for Higher Education and provides guidance for good practice in the delivery of research awards. It should be read in conjunction with the university postgraduate research regulations.

The supervision of postgraduate students is clearly personal in character and is influenced by many factors, including the personalities involved and the environment in which the students and supervisors work. It is also understood that there will also be considerable variations in supervisory practice between disciplines. For these reasons the Code of Practice does not attempt to describe in exact detail the academic role of the supervisor. Rather it aims to identify those aspects of good supervisory practice, which are common to all disciplines, and to define the mutual responsibilities of supervisors and students.

PGR Code of Practice 2017-18.pdf