Meet the team

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Clinical Research and Digital Health

Prof. Sandra MacRury

Head of Rural Health and Wellbeing

  • Diabetes
  • Clinical research
  • Metabolic disorders
  • Digital health
  • Informatics
  • Physical activity

Senior Lecturer in Digital Health

Dr Mark Grindle

  • Digital health systems

Research Fellow in Rural Health

Dr Sara Bradley

  • ageing and older people's health
  • community engagement
  • co-production

Research Fellow in Rural Health

Dr Janet Heaton

  • rural environments, health and wellbeing
  • social isolation
  • telehealth
  • minimally disruptive medicine
  • patients' experience of illness
  • service delivery and organisation
  • qualitative research methods
  • secondary analysis of qualitative data
  • community engagement in and coproduction of research
  • sociology of time, place and space
  • data visualisation and infographics

Research Fellow in Digital Health

Dr Ania Zubala

  • Arts therapies and arts & health
  • Wellbeing and aging
  • Mental health and wellbeing
  • Digital health
  • Public health, prevention & self-management
  • Humanising health and social care
  • Participatory and arts-based research


Post-doctoral Research Assistant

Dr Anna Terje

  • Health inequalities
  • Rural health and wellbeing
  • Communities, place and belonging
  • Community engagement and participatory research


Senior Lecturer in Rural Health and Wellbeing

Dr Sarah-Anne Munoz

  • Health geography
  • Health and place
  • Community engagement and co-production
  • Participatory research

Research Fellow in Rural Health

Dr Jenny Hall

  • Digital health
  • Public health
  • Diabetes education 

PhD Student in Rural Health

Pam Nicoll

  • Remote and Rural Healthcare Education
  • Technology Enhanced Learning(TEL)
  • TEL Efficacy/Evaluation
  • Sustainable Remote and Rural Healthcare
  • PhD Remote and Rural TEL Research

PhD Student in Rural Health

Matthew Fraser

  • Outdoor Exercise
  • Rural Health and Wellbeing
  • Type 2 Diabetes prevention and management
  • Health and Exercise Technology 

PhD Student in Rural Health

Rebecca Mathews

  • Health Wellbeing and Nursing
  • Registered Nurse
  • Care of the older person
  • Clinical research
  • Diabetes management in care homes using technology

PhD Student in Rural Health

Terryl O'Donovan

  • Science communication
  • Lyme disease
  • Critical discourse analysis
  • Critical post-structural theory