Rivers and Lochs Institute

The UHI Rivers and Lochs Institute (RLI) was established in 2012 to support freshwater biodiversity management through research, training and education. The RLI specialises in Molecular Genetics Research to aid in the conservation and management of all biodiversity in rivers and lochs, including fish stocks.

Based in the heart of the Highlands and Islands the Rivers and Lochs Institute (RLI) is uniquely placed to work with local communities, freshwater and fisheries managers, businesses and government agencies to provide scientific support to protect and conserve freshwater biodiversity and manage sustainable wild fisheries.

Research at the Rivers and Lochs Institute falls broadly within four Themes: Fish and Fisheries Genetics, Biodiversity Monitoring (eDNA), Catchment Management, Aquaculture-Environment Interactions. We also conduct interdisciplinary research into freshwater history, heritage and conservation to support the tourism sector and contribute to the understanding of the socioecological changes associated with river and water use over time.

As part of the Research Hub at Inverness College UHI, the Institute connects with other disciplines in the social sciences and humanities, undertaking multidisciplinary research and supporting postgraduate research students in an innovative research environment.

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