This thematic group addresses dimensions of research pertaining to pedagogic practice and innovation, and seeks to support the development of pedagogic research as an emerging area of research within the university. Within the context of the larger cluster of related disciplines that make up the Society, Identity, Landscape and Knowledge research cluster this extends to the pedagogical opportunities for communicating education about sustainability studies, and indeed for studying decentralised opportunities for supporting sustainable communities through innovative pedagogy. Of particular interest within the broader context of the university is how technology can be used to facilitate educational activities between staff and students located across a very wide geographical area, and where ‘alternative solutions’ are often the main, or only, opportunities for many rural communities who are distant from the tutors and other place-based educational resources.


  • Participative pedagogies
  • Place-based pedagogies
  • Cognition and understanding
  • Technology and social education
  • Open education practice including via digital access and community engagement
  • The interface between education and digital heritage


Research in these subjects is carried out at the following centres, follow the links to find out more:

Learning and Teaching Academy