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Article Processing Charges (APC's) - advice and coordination at UHI

Where do I find the money to pay OA publishing costs?

Are there discounts available in certain journals?

Does UHI have any agreements with publishers?

Who do I ask for advice on open access requirements?

A service is available to researchers across the university to help answer these questions. In a collaboration between the Research Office and UHI Libraries three staff will monitor a dedicated email address and answer questions on the various and sometimes interlinked aspects of open access, APC's, REF and publisher subscription deals. The Research Information Systems Officer, eResources Manager and a new part time post of APC/OA Compliance Officer all liaise to help answer your questions.

Please think about reviewing the information on the below LibGuide or contact the open access compliance officer as early as possible in the publishing process as there may be vouchers and discounts you can take advantage of to ensure your work is openly available in the best journal.

UHI Libraries APC and open access publishing guide

Requesting payment of an APC

If you have reached the point of choosing a journal to publish in and you wish to use their 'Gold' access option that requires payment of an APC you should attempt to pay the APC from the following sources:

  1. Research Project grant funding
  2. Local APC fund
  3. Research Office APC fund

You should always attempt to pay an APC from project grant funds.  If this is not possible then you should contact you local head of research to ascertain if there are local funds available to pay the APC for your article. If both these routes fail there is a small fund held at the Research Office in Ness Walk but you must have tried both previous routes first.

In all cases you must be the lead, or corresponding author, for an APC payment request to be considered from any university fund. Priority on APC payments would normally be given to outputs expected to acheive 3*/4* rating in the REF and cover, page or submission charges are not normally covered from institutional funds.

Making a request to the Research Office APC fund

If project and local funds have been exhausted, and your article is considered essential as a probable REF submission piece, you can apply to the research office fund using the online application.  Again, you must be the lead author on the article to be considered. The Dean of Research has descretion on this fund and we aim to have a maximum turn-around of two working days on submission of this form to the research office. You will receive a response, whatever the outcome, and further instructions of how to procede.


Contact and Resources

Morag Llewellyn,  Open Access Compliance Officer


t - 01851 770408  

Stuart Knight, APC payments


t - 01463 279462

Library APC and open access publishing guide

Research Office web guides to open access publishing.

Request specific APC payment (online form)