Knowledge Transfer Grants (KTG)

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Knowledge Transfer Grant (KTG)

You may be aware of the SFC has proposed changes to the Knowledge Transfer Grant and has issued a consultation - it is important all academic partner staff should be aware of all the documents available below. Two of the most important changes are the proposition of a single KE office and the requirement for easy access to Intellectual Preoperty (IP): “For universities in receipt of research and knowledge exchange funding, it will be a condition of grant that they ensure an ‘Easy Access IP’ model is in place by 2012-2013. ‘Easy Access IP’, allows university generated IP to be released to companies for free, using quick and simple agreements. ‘Easy Access IP’ is designed to increase the engagement between universities and industry, and accelerate the transfer of university knowledge and expertise to commercial partners who can develop it to benefit the economy and society. In support of the Government’s Economic Strategy, universities are encouraged to facilitate Scottish SME engagement with ‘Easy Access IP’.

Easy access IP is based on a model initiated by Glasgow University. It does not mean that all university intellectual property is to be made available free of charge, only that IP which the university considers an appropriate fit for this model. This is an opportunity for UHI to market its expertise and fully utilise all its IP (including latent IP) to the benefit of society.

All UHI Academic Partners who expect to be in receipt of funding from the SFC’s Knowledge Transfer Grant must ensure that an easy access IP model is in place by 2012-13.

In order to help staff understand the changes please find below 3 documents for you to refer to, a powerpoint explaining the changes, a SFC paper detailing the new arrangements for higher education institutions’ reporting of knowledge exchange activity and outcomes and a word document summarising these changes.

UHI’s Research and Enterprise team can offer support to Academic Partners in identifying and classifying all IP and offer advice on whether any IP fits the easy access model. If your organisation would like to take up this offer please contact Joe Irvine, Head of Knowledge Exchange or phone 01463279287.

For more information on IP and UHI's new IP guidelines and documentation see the IP Guidelines page.



SFC Allocation to 2015 circular (pdf)

SFC Consultation document (pdf)

KTG powerpoint

New arrangements for higher education institutions? reporting of knowledge exch

Changes to the KTG (word)



Single KE office

Another condition of the this year’s KTG is “The proposal for the development of the single Knowledge Exchange Office (KEO) will be taken forward in discussions with the universities and other stakeholders, with a provisional budget allocation being included in AYs 2013-14 and 2014-15. It is the expectation that all universities will contribute to this development”. The exact nature of this KEO is not yet known but a working group has been set up and is expected to submit a report to SFC around end of the summer.

The single KE office is building on some existing cooperative initiatives between the Scottish Universities including:

Common contracts;

A number of collaborative research and development contract templates have been drawn up which are aimed at making it easier for businesses to engage in collaborative projects with universities. In the past there had been issues with each university using their own contracts so that in situations where a number of universities were involved in working with a business multiple contracts were required for anything from non-disclosure and material transfer agreements to contract research. This on-going initiative is aimed at making the whole process simpler and more user friendly. Copies of the new templates can be found at … UHI Aademic Partners should move to using these templates as part of this new joint pan-Scotland initiative.;

This website accessible by all of Scotland’s universities has been up and running for a number of years and provides universities the opportunity to post any licensing opportunities they may have. This site is also where any easy access IP should be located. Spin out support group.

Another pan-Scottish universities initiative is the spin out support group this is a group made up of experts in support spin out company formation from Scottish universities KE offices. A number of support mechanisms are being created by the group access to which is free to any Higher Education Institute.