Course Application Forms

If you are applying for an educational course such as a degree, a masters or a PhD you may be expected to fill in an application form.

For undergraduate courses (and some postgraduate courses like teacher training) you apply using a UCAS form. The UCAS form collects a range of personal details and also includes space for a personal statement. It is essential that you spend some time on your personal statement, especially for very competitive courses. There is a great deal of useful advice on what to include in a UCAS personal statement on the UCAS website. The Careers and Employability Centre can also read and provide feedback on statements written by current students or recent graduates.

For postgraduate courses you normally apply to the university directly. The university may require you to fill in an application form, which again may require you to complete a statement. For PhDs and further research the application form may require you to include a research proposal.

Further information

Current students and recent graduates (within two years) can CONTACT AN ADVISER at the Careers and Employability Centre for further advice on putting together a course application, or for feedback on draft statements. We can also talk to you about course choice if you want to make sure that you are applying for the right course.

If you are applying for a course at the University of the Highlands and Islands there is additional information about admissions processes on the how to apply pages of this website.