Work experience

Gaining relevant work experience alongside your studies is very important in order to enter most jobs or careers. This is because although your studies will show that you have certain relevant skills and knowledge, most jobs will also require you to demonstrate some relevant experience.

If you have a particular career in mind, work experience can also be a really good way of checking whether or not you will actually enjoy a particular job.

Kinds of Work Experience

Work experience can be undertaken as part of your course (normally called a work placement) or be set up independently. It may be done around your studies or during vacations. Work experience may last anything from one or two days (common for work shadowing) up to several months. It may be paid or unpaid.

Other useful ways of gaining experience include volunteering, taking part in a club or society or becoming actively involved in the life of your college and university by, for example, becoming a course representative.

Further information

  • Further information about work experience is given on our Work Experienceadvice sheet.

  • We advertise some work experience opportunities on our Jobs database and on our Facebook and Twitter pages.

  • Our Job-searching pages have further details of where you can look to find part time work and work experience.

  • You can find out more about voluntary work on this website

  • You could use your networks and personal contacts to ask about work experience - find out more on our Networking pages.

  • Contact the university's Students' Association for details of clubs and societies and how you can become involved in the life of the institution


Remember that students and graduates (within two years of graduation) can also discuss options for work experience with our careers adviser, you can submit an enquiry through our Contact Us service.