Careers Advice Case Studies

On this page you will find students and graduates describing their experience of accessing the services of the Careers and Employability Centre.

Securing an International Placement...

“I first made contact with the Careers and Employability centre when I decided to apply for a placement with the Saltire Foundation and one of the careers advisors guided me through the application process and helped me to prepare for the subsequent interview. I successfully secured a placement over the summer in Uganda helping a business become more sustainable and viable. As a result of using the careers service I am also now more confident and aware of what is looked for in job applications and what to write in a covering letter. I am still using the CV that we worked on and have been able to add to my experiences thanks to my summer placement the careers service helped me to achieve.”

 Mary Drever, 4th year BA (Hons) Business and Management student at Orkney College UHI

Finding work....

"As students we were made aware of the careers service at a very early stage in our academic studies, and we then encountered them during study skills slots in the curriculum and also as part of one of our modules.

I initially accessed the team on a number of occasions as a student in order to get feedback on CV’s and covering letters, primarily as part of my module project work. The team were instrumental in guiding me towards a more structured approach initially through telephone interviews of what I wanted from them. This was then followed by feedback on a number of occasions on job specific CV’s and covering letters, and I found that their support transformed my approach, and that the advice I was given was invaluable.

I also made effective use of the daily jobs update by having it fed into my mail account, and ultimately it paid off given that my present job appeared on the UHI graduate network. For me this is a major coup given that I am both a mature student, and that I was targeting a very narrow job market in the Highlands. For me, careers advice is an essential service for students: - it opens the door to new possibilities, and  it also helps have a bit of friendly encouragement in what is an extremely challenging market for students looking to make that next step into the world of work." 

Colin Morrison BSc Environmental Science, Inverness College. Now working for Angus Davidson as a Rural Consultant.

CV and application feedback...

"When I arrived in Kirkwall from Australia, I needed a bit of help updating my CV to help me obtain part time work to support me while I study. I noticed the CV checking service on the UHI Careers webpage, and sent the office my CV. The careers team contacted me and invited me to come in and speak with Rosie, the careers adviser. Rosie gave me tips on how to improve the format and wording of my CV, and we had an informal discussion about job searching and applications in Orkney and the United Kingdom in general. Rosie gave me ongoing support during my job search and was happy to check applications before I submitted them, and I am very grateful for all her help! The number of interviews to which I was invited increased, and within a few weeks, I was offered several jobs. I now have work that fits in with my study, which of course I am very pleased about! Thanks UHI Careers team!"

Jane-Anne Denison, MLitt (Viking Studies), Centre for Nordic Studies, Orkney College

Building confidence…….

"I was uncertain about what course to take after the completion of my currently course, an HNC in Business. I was struggling to decide whether to continue my course or change subjects. I was afraid my course choices would limit my career choices in the future, and I didn’t know what career I wanted to pursue. I really wanted some expert advice on the whole matter of careers, courses and jobs in general.

So I got in touch with the university Careers Advisor and she listened to me and helped me try to pinpoint my interests and directed me to several career websites and jobs databases where I could get a better idea of what my own personality and interests might suit,.  She also helped me to find out more about the jobs that interested me most.

But what was most valuable to me was the reassurance she gave me that my course subject wouldn’t limit my career choices, as a degree in any subject was a recognised achievement. This alleviated a lot of stress and helped me to settle on the decision to continue with my degree.

I still couldn’t settle on any one job or career as I suffer from confidence issues, and my interests are so varied. But I felt less pressure to make a decision then and there.

After the initial meeting, we had a follow up meeting to determine if my questions were resolved, where I determined that they were. She then gave me the further guidance on seeking relevant work experience and reassured me that I was not unemployable, and not to be put off by feeling I was unqualified for certain jobs, as training and learning is part of any job. This really helped my confidence, and helped me to consider challenges as a chance to develop my skills, rather than obstacles to success."

Kathleen Mansfield-Townsend is currently studying an HNC in Business at Lews Castle College UHI