Rachel Bradley

West Highland College UHI student of the year

Rachel Bradley has been named as the winner of West Highland College UHI’s higher education student of the year for 2016.  Rachel will embark on the fourth year of her BA (Hons) Adventure Tourism Management with the University of the Highlands and Islands in September 2016.  During her studies, she has demonstrated consistently high academic standards and has rarely been below ‘A’ grade in her modules.  Rachel has always shown a keen spirit of inquiry, natural curiosity and a desire to make other fellow students participate in the learning process.  She is a good team member, a pro-active contributor to group discussions and an empathetic and respectful student valuing the views of others.

Rachel is also an active member of her local community, volunteering as a Brownie leader and often speaks about how much she enjoys inviting young people to appreciate the value of being outdoors.  She also works for adventure tourism-related organisations and consistently receives positive feedback from her employers.  Rachel also acted as President of the College Student Association for two years, playing a pivotal role in establishing and leading an active and successful student association.  In 2016, in the temporary absence of a HISA Depute President, Rachel offered to continue to provide the student voice on the College Board and at Committee meetings and ensured that that link was maintained.  She is highly regarded by all college staff and continues to be asked to sit on college working groups.

Rachel Bradley receives her award from Ken Bruce, BBC Radio broadcaster.