End of module/unit surveys

These short surveys are issued at the end of each semester to everyone studying on an HN unit or degree module. They are an opportunity to give direct feedback to the teaching staff on your module or unit. These university-wide surveys are administered by the Learning and Teaching Academy and responses are anonymous.


The 2011 ELIR report found that student feedback was gathered in different ways and recommended that the university take a more streamlined approach. Issuing the same survey to students at the end of every semester generates invaluable information about the student academic experience in a form that can be analysed and compared.

A Short Life Working Group (SLWG) made up of staff from across the University was formed to devise and implement the survey, which was piloted during 2013-14 and 2014-15. A steering group now oversees the survey as it becomes normal procedure. The survey will be issued to all students on degree modules in 2016-17 as well as students on a selection of HN units.

The survey

The survey consists of 14 questions - 11 multiple choice and three open-ended - which were selected from surveys already in use at different academic partners. The questions focus on the academic aspects of the student experience such as teaching, content and assessment and feedback.

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