Surveys for postgraduate students

The university partcipates in two surveys for postgraduate students which run in alternate years. PRES (Postgraduate Research Experience Survey) and PTES (Postgraduate Taught Experience Survey) are both administered by the Higher Education Academy and responses are anonymous.

These surveys are the chance for postgraduates to feedback their experiences on teaching and learning. We need to know what postgraduates think so we can address issues and keep doing what is valued. It is an opportunity to say what went well and what could have been improved.

How are PRES/PTES carried out?

The surveys are hosted online by JISC Online Surveys. In semester 2, all eligible postgraduate students will receive an email from JISC Online Surveys asking them to complete the survey. 

Any students not completing the survey within the first couple of weeks will receive further reminders.

What questions are asked?

The survey questions are broken down into the following areas:

  • The experience of teaching and learning, including staff, learning materials, working with other students, workload, and feeding back on experience;
  • Assessment and feedback, including supervisor support for dissertation or major project;
  • Organisation and management, including induction and involvement in course decisions;
  • Resources and services, including learning resources and overall support;
  • Skills development, including independent learning, research skills and career skills;
  • Motivation for taking the programme and information provided by the institution to help course choice;
  • Demographic details, including on previous education and fluency in English.

How can I access the results?

A summary of the results from PTES 2016-17 can be downloaded here (pdf). National results may be found on the Higher Education Academy website

For more information about these surveys please contact