Studying at the University of the Highlands & Islands

Choosing modules

Modules are single course units: at UHI students usually take three modules in one semester. Our full-time degree students are required to take most of the modules from within their specific area of study (a course): for example, Adventure Tourism Management, or Marine Science. We advise Study Abroad students to follow this path as well (that way you can integrate better with your fellow UHI students), however it is also possible to take modules from different courses. Sometimes, if the module is delivered from a different campus, you may need to join classes by video conferencing.

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Academic calendar

Our academic calendar is divided into 2 semesters: semester 1 starts near the beginning of September and usually finishes just before Christmas; semester 2 starts at the end of January and finishes in late May. There is a short term break from classes part-way through the semester.

If you study with us in semester 1 only and your home institution requires you to be back in January, we can make special arrangements for your assessments to be made before Christmas break. Please make sure you let us know at the stage of applying.

Academic credits

One module earns 20 SCQF credit points. Full-time students will therefore normally achieve 60 SCQF credit points in one semester. This equates to 30 ECTS credits.

Academic transcripts

At the end of your studies we will issue an official transcript. We normally issue these in the middle of February and in the middle of June, once the Exam Board approved marks.

You can either request your transcripts directly from Academic Registry or you can give the International Office permission to request it on your behalf and send it to your home institution as soon as they are available. If you want to choose that option you will simply have to tick the relevant box on the application form and indicate the e-mail address to which you want us to send your transcript.