How to apply?

In order to apply you need to be a full-time student at one of our partners. If you are enthusiastic about the opportunities available, committed to your course, and keen to take on new challenges you already fulfil the most important conditions of programme participation!

Your first step will be to:

1. Do your research first – read the content of the Exchange Programme section of the website carefully and consider all responsibilities that rest upon you in connection with signing up

2. Investigate available destinations and spend some time researching their websites, and read the information sheets available:

3. Consult your course leader about modules which fit your UHI course best.
If your work abroad is to be counted towards your degree you must study courses relating to your degree and obtain approval for your course leader. The approval form must be submitted along with the application form (you will find it in the application package).

It is your responsibility to check if the host destination has appropriate courses. Catalogues (prospectuses) are best viewed online.

4. Once you know where you want to go and what modules you can take fill in the application form.

Please bear in mind the following deadlines by which time your application must be submitted:

  • For September start (one semester or one year) – 15 April
  • For January start (one semester only) - 15 October

Please note that getting all application documents together can take a few weeks (references, transcripts, etc.) and you must speak to your course leader and receive approval from your academic department before starting the process.

Application process step-by-step

Stage 1 Application

  • Fill in the application form - ensure all sections of the application are completed, all attachments are included, and required signatures are in place
  • Make a copy of your application and keep it in a safe place
  • Submit the application and support documentation to by the deadline date

Stage 2 Host institution approval

  • If you are selected, UHI will nominate you for the International Exchange Programme (IEP) and forward your application with supporting documentation to the host institution for approval
  • Remember that you are not officially accepted for the International Exchange Programme until approval is received from the host institution
  • Once the host institution has sent approval, you will be asked to sign IEP participation contract

Stage 3 Pre-departure preparation

  • You are expected to research your host country and prepare yourself for the trip
  • You are expected to arrange your own plane tickets, travel documents, accommodation, health insurance, and vaccinations. You are responsible for the cost of airfare, travel documents, applicable vaccinations, supplementary health insurance, UHI tuition, and other incidental expenses.