Worldwide networks


Euromontana is the European multi-sectoral association for co-operation and development of mountain territories. It embraces regional and national mountain organisations throughout greater Europe, including regional development agencies, local authorities, agriculture organisations, environmental agencies, forestry organisations and research institutes

UHI has been actively involved in Euromontana’s work – both representing and lobbying for mountain areas at the European level, as well as participating in projects and knowledge transfer events.

Himalayan University Consortium (HUC)

Through Professor Martin Price’s UNESCO Chair, UHI has been involved with ICIMOD (The International Centre for Integrated Mountain Development) and HUC.

The Himalayan University Consortium for Mountain Development Studies (HUC) is a network organisation of academic and research institutions working together to promote and support the conducting, acquiring, preserving, and sharing of mountain research, and develop data, information, and knowledge through academic and non‐academic means.

University of the Arctic (UArctic)

UHI is the only UK member of the UArctic – a network of educational institutions of the North. The University of the Arctic is a coalition of institutions of higher education working together to overcome barriers to education in the Northern region.