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Dr Michelle Beattie

Lecturer/Assistant Head of Research



Research expertise and outputs can be viewed in PURE

Conducting the following systematic review (data analysis stage)

  • Assessment of causal link between psychological factors and symptom exacerbation in inflammatory bowel disease: a systematic review of prospective cohort studies

Transitioning to a Positive and Sustained Post-School Destination,

  • University funding to evaluate the long-term effects of school pupil participation in the Pre-Nursing Scholarship (PNS) and their perception of PNS participation 2-3 years post scholarship. Funding was granted for transcription costs. 

LEAN Leaders Course – NHS Highland £7,000-£9,000 (inclusive of coaching) 

  • Nov 2016 – September 2017 Funded by NHS Highland to undertake the Certified LEAN Leaders Course (Costs £7,000-£9,000 inclusive of coaching).  By the end of the course LEAN Leaders are expected to be accountable for the success of RPIWs (Rapid Process Improvement Workshops), lead data collection/observations, plan pre, during and post RPIW activities, and teach and coach others. 


Work Experience Project for Young People in Secondary Education from Remote and Rural areas of the Highlands and Western Isles (£24,788) - Co-applicant

Jul 12-Jul 14               

This project offered School Children, from remote and rural Highlands and Islands, work experience opportunities within NHS Highland, with peer mentoring from senior nursing students.  The aim was to increase recruitment to our nursing programme and devise a model for Pre-Nursing Scholarship in Scotland and beyond.  This project has been awarded the winner of the Enterprise and Employability across Learning Award. There have been associated conference papers and publications in peer reviewed journals.  This project has been shortlisted for a Nursing, Midwifery and Allied Health Professions Research Award by the Chief Nurse for Scotland. 

A retrospective matched case note review of Ventilator Acquired Pneumonia in the Intensive Care Unit (£4,207) – Joint Principal Investigator

Jan 11-Mar 11            

A case control study to determine whether the use of a Ventilator Acquired Pneumonia (VAP) bundle of care reduced Ventilator Acquired Pneumonia in Intensive Care.  Funded by NHS Forth Valley.


A list of publications can be accessed via PURE

Beattie M, Shepherd A, Lauder W, Atherton I, Cowie J, Murphy D (2016) Development and psychometric properties of the Care Experience Feedback Improvement Tool (CEFIT).  BMJ Open, 6:e010101.

Leung J, Ferrari A, Baxter A, Schoultz M, Beattie M, & Harris M. (2016). Systematic reviews: inducting research students into scholarly conversations?. Higher Education Research & Development, 1-4.

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Beattie M, Murphy D, Atherton I, Lauder W (2015) Instruments to measure patient experience of health care quality in hospitals: A systematic review, Systematic Reviews, 4; 97. doi:10.1186/s13643-015-0089-0.  Highly accessed.

Smith A, Beattie M, Kyle R (2015) I know exactly what I’m going into’: Recommendations for pre-nursing experience from an evaluation of a pre-nursing scholarship in rural Scotland, Nursing Open, 19th Sept.

Smith A, Beattie M, Kyle R (2015) Stepping up, stepping back, stepping forward: student nurses’ experiences as peer mentors in a pre-nursing scholarship, Nurse Education in Practice, 15, pp. 492-497 DOI information: 10.1016/j.nepr.2015.03.005

Beattie M, Smith A, Kyle R (2014) Sadness, socialisation and shifted perceptions: school pupils’ stories of a pre-nursing scholarship, Nurse Education Today, 34, 894-898. Available online 21 Feb.  doi.10.1016/j.nedt.2014.01.016

Beattie M, Lauder W, Atherton I, Murphy D (2014) Instruments to measure patient experience of health care quality in hospitals: a systematic review protocol Systematic Reviews, 3; 4. Doi: 10.1186/2046-4053-3-4.   Highly accessed.

Beattie M, Atherton I, McLennan B, Lauder W (2012) Compassion or speed, which is a more accurate indicator of healthcare quality in the emergency department from the patients’ perspective?  International Journal of Person Centered Medicine, 2 (4), 647-655.

Rooney K, Beattie M (2012) Quality and Safety in Nurse Education: Are We in a State of Readiness?  Nurse Education Today, 32, 622–623. 

Beattie M, Shepherd A, Howieson, B (2012) Do the Institute of Medicines’ (IOM) dimensions of quality capture the current meaning of quality in health care? – An integrative review.  Journal of Research in Nursing, 18 (4), 288-304. 

Beattie M Shepherd A, Maher S, Grant J (2012) Continual Improvement in Ventilator Acquired Pneumonia Bundle Compliance:  A Retrospective Case Matched Review.  Intensive and Critical Care Nursing, 28 (5), 255-262.


  • PhD
  • MSc Nursing Practice
  • Cert Ed
  • BSc Health and Social Care

Professional bodies

  • RN (A) NMC


  • Research Ethics Infrastructure
  • Assistant Head of Research


Teaching and Learning

  • Teaching clinical and academic content across a range of topics in the undergraduate nursing programme.
  • Specialist area of expertise in Quality Improvement.
  • Module coordinator SHSU010.


  • Quality Improvement science/psychometrics