STEM engagement

Inverness Science Festival, Big Green Challange, STEM Ambassador programme

STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics), the promotion of study and careers in STEM subjects and raising knowledge and awareness with pupils, parents and teachers.


STEM Ambassador Programme

Do you specialise or have an interest in an area of science, technology, engineering or mathematics (STEM)?

Volunteering as a STEM Ambassador is your chance to promote your skills to young learners, actively encourage them to enjoy STEM subjects, and inform them about unique career opportunities that are available to them.

STEM Ambassadors are people from STEM backgrounds who volunteer as inspiring role models for young people. As a STEM Ambassador you can contribute to learning and teaching in a school setting or in your work environment. Alternatively you could support activities such as STEM clubs, career days or teacher cpd sessions. STEM Ambassadors open the door to a whole new world for children and young people, helping them to see STEM subjects and careers with a fresh perspective and engaging their interest and imagination in new ways.

We will be co-ordinating both the schools request and the  STEM Ambassadors and hope to facilitate a seamless relationship between these two parts of the programme.  So whether you are a school looking for support, a STEM Ambassador hoping to do an activity or a parent interested in what the scheme offers please just contact us at

If you are interested in becoming a STEM Ambassador or would like further details of the scheme then please feel free to email us or call us on the numbers provided 

Highlands & Islands Brent Craig:  01463 279351 or Dr Evelyn Gray: 01463 279363 Argyll and Bute Area  Dr Lynesy MacPhail: 01631 559403.


To become a STEM Ambassador register online at and attend an induction event which includes communication and engagement training, along with registration to the PVG scheme.

Inverness: Next STEMNET induction 21st January 2016 in Inverness and mid Feb in Thurso.

Contact for more details.

Once you have attended an induction and recieved your PVG scheme membership the local STEM co-ordinator will keep you up to date with school requests from across the North region and you can also view events requests on the login page of the STEMNET web site.

British Science Week 2016

We are looking forward to assisting with British Science Week 2016.

Look out for the STEMNet Team at the SCDI Regional STEM Celebration event at Eden Court on Friday 11th March 2016. We will have a new 3 minute challange for the participating schools.

We will aslo be assisting in schools during the week and look forward to seeing you  all in action.

STEM Robot Competition

The University of the Highlands and Islandsis inviting schools from across the Highlands and islands, Moray and Argyll & Bute to register to take part in their STEM Robot Competition for the chance to win a Meccano Meccanoid Robot .

What is the challenge?

The challange is for pupils to come up with a pitch of up to eight mnutes about why their school should win a robot, explaining how it would be used to help pupils learn about Science, Technology Engineering or maths.

The pitches can take any format, the more creative the better! Each secondary school can enter a team of up to 5 pupils from S2 and S3.

Registration is free and open until 22nd January. Judging will take place in March 2016 with the winners announced during the schools programme of the Inverness Science Festival (3rd May).

Want more information then contact the STEM Team at .

Register here  ( - just type school name and you contact email address and a member of the STEM team will be in touch

Looking for a debating opportunity then contcat the Caithness BSA

We welcome teams from other Highland School and can suggest local judges.

We suggest MOTION:

Will the rise of autonomous technologies benefit our society?

AGAINST: ‘We believe that automation technologies will damage social relations.

Unemployment and a reduction of staff-customer interactions will increase social distance between people, alienating members of society. Extensive bodies of research suggest being unemployed is also associated with decreased self-esteem, mood disorders and general health, worsening the problem.’

FOR: 'We believe that the economic savings resulting from increased efficiency can financially support staff displaced by automation of their roles. This new socioeconomic system represents an improvement on existing ones as it will result in increased leisure time, enabling people to devote more time to their health, artistic endeavours, social relations and education, enriching society in the process.'

<>Just email us back at we will provide contact details.

Inverness Science Festival 2016

We would like to include as diverse a range of activities and topics as possible. Any ideas, or looking for volunteering opportunities then contact the STEM team at .

The Festival will run from the 29th April to the 7th May with events across the Inverness area.  The schools program includes the Big Green Challenge debate for secondary schools and a Balloon challenge for primary schools as well as a  lecture series. Primary schools have not been forgotten as we have arranged for Body Works, a science theatre group from the Glasgow Science Centre to visit four local primary schools.

We hope that the Family Day will be bigger than ever and have hired the Inverness Leisure on Sat 7th May for this. Numerous community groups and companies will demonstrate how important science and technology is to our daily lives in interesting and fun ways.

There will also be a series of public events and lectures.

Like our facebook page to keep up with what is going on : Inverness Science Festival.

STEM team attends summer events

The STEM team have had another  busy summer promoting science across the length and breadth of the Highlands and Islands. We  have once again supported numerous community groups, and attended a selection of local gala day events. All the time promoting both the university and the concept that science is a part of all our every day life.

August was an especially busy month.  The team also organised 'sience wizards' to attend the Tartan Music Festival at Belladrum. Students from Moray College, Inverness College, Centre for Rural Health, SAMS and the university’s psychology course, with the help of lecturers developed interactive activities for the festival goers. The entertaining young people caught the attention and imagination of  the crowd and were great ambassadors for science and the university.

University of  the Highlands and Islands STEM  Team  Bring the Royal Society of Chemistry to  Inverness

May 2015

An excellent and exciting session interactive chemistry session will be held at Charleston Academy as part of the 2015 Inverness Science Festival .

David Foley from The Royal Society of Chemistry based at Dundee University will be presenting Chemistry Capers. This is an exciting flash, bang chemsitry show which introduces fantastic effects using every day household product. Just how many calories are in a jelly baby ?  Burn baby burn! And be amazed.


The Scottish Council for Development and Industry support young engineers and science clubs.

The Inverness Showcase event was held on 13th March 2015, where we presented the University of Highlands and Islands 3 minutes challange. This was brand new challange for 2015,  The University of the Highlands and Islands Time Line. Do you know what year the Biro was invented?

Over the last few years we have  supported the event by providing two challenges that proved popular with pupils of all ages, in 2013 hurricane in a bottle challange was particularly noisy with each group of pupils having to quickly devise an experiment, explain their hypothesis, methods and conclusions using the equipment provided. In 2014 we used our microscope challange again. What can we offer in 2016? Any one any suggestions for a 2 minute science / technology challange for primary and secondary children. The STEM Team are always open to new ideas.

Contact us at


engaging is a public facing website giving information on events across Scotland.

If you have any events you would like to publicise contact the STEM Team.


SCDI - Scottish Council for Development & Industry logoThe Scottish Council for Development and Industry (SCDI) organise Young Engineers and Science Clubs across Scotland. The purpose of the Clubs is to engage young people in practical hands-on science and engineering activities and to help them pursue a career in science, engineering and technology.

There are around 50 active clubs in the Highlands and Islands and you can get information on helping support a club or taking part in events through the STEM Team.