STEM Links

The Scottish Curriculum:

The Environment and Atmosphere

The outreach page for the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) in the USA

The AURA mission studies the Earth’s ozone, air quality, and climate.

The British Antarctic Survey.

Renewable Energy

Kits for People Power workshop including solar panels, motors, whistles etc can be ordered from SSERC or Anderson Scientific.

The National Renewable Energy Laboratory (Colorado, USA) education website, with plans for making a windsock, to building your own wind turbine.

Designing and Evaluating a Science Festival Activity

The Exploratorium museum is a fun, interactive science museum in San Francisco. Their website is exceptional because it provides detailed descriptions of many activities, and you can get plans for building displays. They also have a wide range of podcasts.

General Science Activities and Education Research

The Full Option Science System (FOSS) is an inquiry based science curriculum. They present many well designed activities for a range of grade levels, and can supply materials needed (for a fee). The black box activity was their design.

Benchmarks for Scientific Literacy, Project 2061, American Association for the Advancement of Science, Oxford University Press, 1993.

College Pathways to the Science Education Standards, Editor Eleanor Siebert and William McIntosh, National Science Teachers Association Press, 2001.

Constructing Ideas in Physical Science, Editor Judith Leggett, The CIPS Project, 2004.

Construction Measures; An Item Response Modeling Approach, Mark Wilson, Lawrence Erlbaum Associates, Publishers, 2005.

Children’s Ideas in Science, Editor Rosalind Driver, Edith Guesne and Andree Tiberghien, Open University Press, 1985.

Peer Instruction; A User’s Manual, Eric Mazur, Prentice Hall, 1997.

Tutorials in Introductory Physics, Lillian McDermott, Peter Shaffer, and the Physics Education Group, Department of Physics, University of Washington, Prentice Hall, 2002.

Living with a Star; from Sunscreen to Space Weather, Lawrence Hall of Science, University of California at Berkeley, 2003.

Top Tips to Public Engagement for ESRC Festival of Social Science (pdf)

Questioning techniques (powerPoint)