Impact of Brexit

Make sure you have the most recent information.

The policy environment relating to Brexit is fast-moving, particularly in relation to a possible no-deal outcome. Given the continuing uncertainty, students and staff are advised to check relevant websites regularly for updated advice and guidance.

The University of the Highlands and Islands, along with the rest of the UK education sector, is concerned about the continuing uncertainty around the UK departure from the European Union (Brexit).

The University of the Highland and Islands is an outward looking university and we will continue to work closely with our partners in Europe and the wider world, whatever the eventual outcome of Brexit.

Leaving the European Union will have an impact on our research and knowledge exchange activities as well as our role in economic regional development for the Highlands and Islands. General information about the impact on the university and college sectors.

Further information about the regional implications for the Highlands and Islands.

Brexit is already having an impact on our existing and highly valued European Union students and staff, as well as affecting the decisions of future applicants wanting to study in our partnership.

This site brings together the latest information we have, linking to relevant organisations who can give more detailed guidance and assistance.  However, the situation is subject to change as Brexit evolves, so please make sure you check appropriate websites regularly for updated information, particularly in the event of a no-deal scenario.

Information for applicants

Information for prospective students from the European Union or European Economic Area who have already applied, or may wish to apply, to study with the University of the Highlands and Islands :

Information for current students

Information for students from the European Union who already studying with us or are with us as part of an Erasmus+ programme or for UK nationals studying or working in Europe as part of an Erasmus+ programme should refer to the same websites as applicants (above), plus :

Information for staff

Information for staff from the European Union who are already employed by the university or by one of our academic partners is also available on the above websites.

Professor Clive Mulholland Message from the principal and vice-chancellor

As negotiations relating to the UK's exit from the European Union continue, we are still surrounded by uncertainty on the details of how the eventual deal, or no-deal, will impact the university. However, what remains certain is how much this university values the contribution to our academic community from colleagues and students who are European Union nationals - you are a vital and essential part of our university.

As you will be aware, the University of the Highlands and Islands was founded in the European tradition, and has benefitted hugely from access to Europe, both for our academic development and research collaboration, as well as the wider development of the university. Our international outlook will continue to look to Europe for our academic collaborations.

We continue to work closely with other universities across the sector to feed into government policy affecting the rights of our existing and potential future staff and students, as well as practical arrangements and access to future opportunities for collaboration with European Union partners.

We will be doing all we can to ensure that the University of the Highlands and Islands’ voice is heard in these discussions and that we will continue to provide updates to staff and students throughout this process.

The university remains wholly committed to supporting all European Union staff and students and we will be working closely with our academic partners to establish the facts and to share these with you.

Professor Clive Mulholland
Principal and Vice-Chancellor