Primary Schools


On the advice of the Scottish Governement, the University of the Highlands and Islands STEM Team are currently working from home. Please see our STEM @ HOME page for some ideas and activities to engage with STEM while at home.

The STEM Team runs multiple projects that Primary Schools can get involved in.

Primary school projects content

Primary school projects

All STEM Team projects are completely free of charge to schools.

Lend-A-Lab This project allows schools to borrow equipment and recieve lesson ideas and training on different STEM topics. This activity is suitable for CfE Levels 1 and 2 classes (P2-P7).

Sphero ASG project - Associated school groups (ASG) or clusters of schools can take part this project. Spheros are a fantastic tool for teaching computer science and enhancing learning across the curriculum. In this project a groups of schools can come together to receive a short training session on how to use Sphero and then borrow a set of Spheros per school for a four week period.  This activity is suitable for Early, Level 1 and Level 2 (nursery - P7)

Visit the STEM Hub - Primary school classes can visit our STEM Hub at Inverness Campus for full or half day visits. We offer a range of inspiring hands-on STEM activities sutiable for CfE Level 1 classes (P2 - P4).

Events @ the STEM Hub - Throughout the year a number of external organisations will deliver unique STEM sessions within the STEM Hub. Find out more about what events are happening and how your school can get involved.