Visiting the STEM Hub

Planning a visit content

Planning a visit

First level (P2,3,4) classes can visit our STEM Hub at Inverness Campus for full or half day visits. This is a great opportunity to take part in inspiring, hands-on STEM activities while experiencing a working University Campus and research facility.

Half day visit – 2 hours

Pupils will take part in an interactive STEM workshop of your choice.

Full day visit – 4 hours

Pupils will take part in a 2 hour STEM workshop of your choice in the morning, after lunch choose between another STEM workshop or an aspiration raising ‘what is University?’ session.

How to book content

How to book

How to book

If you would like your class to visit the STEM Hub please email with the following details.

  • School name
  • Session you are interested in
  • 2 x suitable dates
  • Class size and year group

Please find below dates for 2019 - 2020

Wednesday 12th February Booked
Thursday 13th February Booked
Friday 14th February Booked
Wednesday 18th March  
Thursday 19th March Booked
Friday 20th March Booked
Wednesday 25th March  
Thursday 26th March Booked
Friday 27th March  
Wednesday 13th May  
Thursday 14th May Booked
Friday 15th May Booked


Early Coders! content

Early Coders!

Get children excited about coding! Using simple coding toys this sessions provides a very basic introduction to computers and how we can give them instructions for early level children. Children will getting hands-on and solving simple problems with our robots.

Curriculum for Excellence links: TCH 0-13a, TCH 0-14a, TCH 0-14b

Suitable for: Nursery, P1

Nursery pupils learning coding

Microscopy content


Pupils will discover how a microscope works and then work with a selection of different microscopes to explore what a range of samples looks like. We will compare samples of living and non-living things, thinking about what the differences are and then record our findings just like real scientists!

Curriculum for Excellence links: SCN 1-01, SCN 1-12b

Suitable for: Primary 2, 3 or 4

Pupils examining samples using microscopes

Science Investigators content

Science Investigators

Learn how to be a scientist. Through a series of fun experiments pupils will learn about the different skills you need to be a good scientist. Pupils will need to use observation, special scientific equipment and brilliant listening and team work skills in this fun hands-on workshop.

Curriculum for Excellence links: First level sciences: enquiry and investigative skills. SCN 1-15a, SCN 1-16a

Suitable for: Primary 2, 3 or 4

Children in science lab

Dino Maths! content

Dino Maths!

In this workshops pupils will use Maths and problem solving skills just like a palaeontologist to find out more about what dinosaurs might have looked like and behaved.

Curriculum for Excellence links: MNU 1-11a, MNU 1-20b

Suitable for: P2, 3 or 4

Early Engineering content

Early Engineering

Pupils will explore Engineering in the world around us! Using their observations pupils will work together to use different materials to build structures that are strong, stable or flexible. Can they build something that can move?

Curriculum for Excellence: TCH 1-09a, TCH 1-10a, TCH 1-12a

Suitable for: P2, 3 or 4

Aspirational afternoon workshops content

Aspirational afternoon workshops

What is a university?

Pupils will explore what a university is and why people go there. This session gives pupils the opportunity to explore their own aspirations for the future and take part in a mini graduation ceremony just like a real students!

Length: 1 hour


Children graduating


STEM careers

Explore the world of STEM careers. Pupils will take part in fun, interactive games finding out about the different skills you need for a range of STEM jobs.

Length: 1 hour

Childrens pictures of STEM careers