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Review and reporting

Measurement, monitoring and reporting

Measurable outcomes (performance indicators) are mapped against each of the strategic objectives.  Some of these are internal measures and some are based on external data sources and performance indicators.  Subject to the availability of external data, these will be reported to the university’s Academic Council and/or Higher Education Partnership Policy and Resources Committee on a quarterly basis.  These bodies will be responsible for reporting progress to the University Court and advising of any necessary adjustments or corrective actions.


The strategic plan covers a five year period from 2012 to 2017.  This time span is appropriate to the university at this stage of its development and provides clear direction to the development of the university over the time period of the plan.  Nonetheless, the plan will be reviewed on an annual basis and it may be revised or superseded during the five year period, if judged necessary.

Operational planning

Achievement of the strategic aims and objectives will be underpinned by functional operational plans and by the academic partner planning processes.

Alignment with academic partner strategic plans

As independent institutions, each of the university’s academic partners has its own strategic planning process and cycle.  Nonetheless, all of the academic partners have been actively engaged in the development of the University of the Highlands and Islands strategic plan which, as far as is possible and appropriate, reflects the collective aspirations of the constituent parts of the university.  It is reasonable to expect, therefore, that as each academic partner renews its own strategic plan, the aims and objectives within the university strategic plan will be adopted and reflected within their own planning documents.


The University of the Highlands and Islands Strategic Plan 2012-17 as approved by Court on 13 December 2011