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Strategic aim 1

Increase and diversify our student population

We have a predominantly mature and part-time student base drawn largely from within our immediate area.  We will continue to provide access to those otherwise excluded from higher education through geography, social background or financial means.  In addition, we will increase recruitment, especially of young people from both within our region and beyond, to address the historic demographic drain on the Highlands and Islands and to help sustain our communities and our economy.

The achievement of the specific outcomes noted below in relation to Scottish domiciled students is dependent on us securing additional funded student places from the Scottish Funding Council.

Objectives within the term of this strategic plan:

1.1    Maintain our current focus on access and support for all those who can benefit.

1.2    Continue to meet the needs of mature and part-time learners.

1.3    Address the geographic under representation in our higher education students in the western and south-western portions of our region.

1.4    Attract a greater number of young entrants (under 21 years of age) from within our region.

1.5    Attract a greater number of students, especially young entrants from the rest of Scotland, the rest of the UK and overseas.

1.6     Work in partnership to provide the student accommodation and other facilities required by growing numbers of incoming students.

1.7    Enhance the student experience through increasing opportunities for social and cultural interaction, including through links with community-based facilities.

1.8    Make the case to the Scottish Government and to the Scottish Funding Council for provision of additional student places to meet student and stakeholder expectations.


The University of the Highlands and Islands Strategic Plan 2012-17 as approved by Court on 13 December 2011